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Choosing the Perfect TV Stand and Cabinet Furniture

If you decide to place your TV on a stand or a TV cabinet, you will need the right furniture to do so. Even if you do mount it on the wall, you will still need a TV console to stow away the DVDs and CDs, not to mention a few magazines as well. The right size of a TV table depends on the dimensions of your room and those of your television. If you are short of space, then a small TV stand that only houses the TV is an ideal option; otherwise, you could go for an elongated furniture to suit your home décor with the TV in the middle.

Wooden TV Stand

Is not only sturdy and durable but appeals to the eye as well and transforms the overall look of your room. You have a variety of options in wooden TV stands including teak, cherry, maple, oak and ebony. TV stands made from solid wood are generally pricier but valuable

Movable TV Stands

Movable wall stand not only ensures secure position of a TV but also allow a splendid décor. Some of the styles popular today include, stand with bracket and media unit corner. These wall mounts become the focal point of entertainment wherever they are attached.

Choose the best TV cabinet for all your entertainment needs only on Jumia Kenya and we will deliver right at your doorstep.