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Be Girl Fit Cup Menstrual Cup Kit

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Product details

The FitCup Menstrual Kit includes the FitCup® (a reusable menstrual cup) and its Sanitizing Case:
The FitCup® is a reusable menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone that you place in your vaginal canal to collect your menstrual flow. It collects rather than absorbs, which means no dryness or disruption to your natural vaginal pH. Produced in the USA and compliant with Food and Drug Administration standards, the FitCup® is easy to use, comfortable, and can be worn for up to 12 hours. Whether you’re sleeping, lounging, swimming, biking, or climbing, you can do it all worry-free with your FitCup® kit. And because you can wear it again and again for years on end, you’ll forget you ever spent money on disposables.
Sanitizing Case
The Sanitizing Case is made from the same high-quality, 100%-medical-grade silicone as the FitCup®. Beautiful and functional, the case allows you to easily clean and sanitize the FitCup® and discreetly store it between cycles. The sanitizing case is convenient enough to carry on the go with minimal water usage necessary. 
How to use:
Before use. Sanitize the cup (Step 6) at the beginning and end of each cycle. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling the cup.Fold. There many different cup folds, these are our 2 favorites: 1) C fold, flatten the cup and then fold in half; 2) punch down fold, place your finger on the rim and press it down to form a cone shape.Insert. Gently insert the folded cup rim-first into the vagina, far enough so that the stem is fully inside. Then, slightly rotate the cup to ensure it’s fully open and that suction has occurred. If the cup is correctly positioned, you should hardly feel it, and it should not leak. Wear. Confidently wear your FitCup® for up to 12 hours, including overnight. It can be used at any time during your period, from heavy to light flow days. When properly inserted, the cup should be comfortable while you go about your daily activities, and it should never hurt you.Remove & Empty. To remove the cup, first, wash your hands with soap and clean water. Then, squat or sit on the edge of a toilet and relax your muscles. Insert your thumb and index finger to find the stem and guide the cup closer to the bottom of the vagina. Pinch the ribbed area to break the seal. Avoid pulling the cup out by the stem only; rather, be sure to grasp from the ribbed area.  Slowly remove from inside the body, keeping the cup upright to avoid spillage. Empty contents into the toilet.Sanitize & Clean. Good cup sanitizing and cleaning practices not only keep us safe, but also help avoid odors and discoloration. Sanitizing before & after your period: Before first use at the start of your cycle and at the end of your period, sanitize your cup by placing it in a pot of boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Alternatively, you can place the FitCup® in the included Sanitizing Case, fill it with boiling water so the cup is fully submerged, and then let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, discard the water and allow the FitCup® to cool, at which point it’s ready to use or store in its case until next time. As long as you properly sanitize with boiling water, you don’t need to use soap to wash the cup.Cleaning during your period: To keep your cup clean throughout your cycle, rinse it with clean water (as in drinking water clean) every time you empty your cup. After that, it’s all ready for reinsertion. Your case makes this easy, even when using a public bathroom. Empty. Rinse. Repeat.  Care & Safety:
Remember to sanitize your FitCup® using boiling water at the beginning and end of your cycle. During your cycle, just rinse the FitCup® with clean water after emptying it, then reinsert. 


Key Features

  • The ultimate sustainable period product: a soft, flexible cup made from long-lasting, hygienic silicone that you place in your vaginal canal to collect menstrual flow
  • Comes with its own unique Sanitizing Case, also made from high-quality silicone, so you can easily clean and store your cup—even on the go! 
  • Offers leak-free, comfortable period protection for up to 12 hours, day or night
  • Sustainable alternative to disposables, collects 32ml—the equivalent of 4 regular tampons 
  • Designed to last 5+ years
  • Safe and hygienic, made from 100% medical-grade silicone (no BPA, plastic or latex!)

What’s in the box

  • Be Girl Fit Cup Menstrual Cup Kit


  • Weight (kg): 0.03
  • Care Label: Remember to sanitize your FitCup using boiling water at the beginning and end of your cycle. During your cycle, just rinse the FitCup with clean water after emptying it, then reinsert. 

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Be Girl Fit Cup Menstrual Cup Kit

Be Girl Fit Cup Menstrual Cup Kit

KSh 6,000
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