Christmas gifts ideas for her… How many times have you thought you have your girlfriend’s Christmas gift figured out, only to think what a terrible idea it is the following day? Mind you, you still have your mother’s, sisters and nieces’ gifts to pick too. Christmas is the season for gifting and spreading love and joy.

It is a shame the Three Wise Men didn’t have a complete gift guide, they should have probably included warm shawls and clothing’s to wrap up the newborn, but instead, they went with gold and perfumes. Well, don’t fret, because Jumia Kenya, has you covered. Here is a list of 12 Christmas gifts ideas for her.

Unique Christmas Gifts Ideas for Her

1. Jewelry
Jewelries are timeless, they can be given to people of all ages, they can be personalized, and some jewelries appreciate over time, so they double as investment. You can never go wrong with jewelry as a gift. It doesn’t matter how small the jewelry is, just wrap it, what gets her excited is the mystery of what is inside.

2. Make up
Most women love to glam up, some more than others, so you can never go wrong with a full set of Make Up or just something simple like a lipstick, nail polish or a face powered.

Women’s fashion is versatile, which means the women in your life are always eyeing something new and trendy. Surprise her with the latest coat, dress or top, if she is your girlfriend you can go ahead and buy her a set of lingerie.

4. Shoes
Forget the superstition of giving shoes as a gift. What I know, a girl can never have enough shoes, so you can never go wrong with shoes as a Christmas gift. To avoid embarrassment though, find out her shoe size and her likes, some women will never balance on heels while others will not be caught dead wearing flats.

5. Bags

Shoulder bags, wallets, clutches name them; bags are a girl’s best friend. They serve as accessories, they are also handy when it comes to carrying cash and other essential documents such as credit cards, ID, the phone, make up and all personal effects.

6. Perfume
If you are looking to buy her a gift that is both personal and luxurious, you can’t go wrong with perfume. There are so many fragrances to pick from so you can never run out of choice. Just consider her age and her past scents when buying perfume as a gift.

7. Phone
A phone is the most neutral gift you can get your loved one. Whether it’s your niece who is now of age to own a phone, or its your mother who needs an upgrade, this festive season is the perfect time to surprise her with that trendy smart phone.

8. Headset
If she is a gamer or a music lover, this is perhaps the best Christmas gift idea for her. Music lovers and gamers like to enjoy their private time without interruptions. Headsets are the perfect way to drown out external noise, making it possible for them to enjoy music and concentrate on the game.

9. Wine 
Wine is a perfect Christmas gift idea for her! After all isn’t Christmas the time, we make merry, and how better than with a bottle of white or red wine? Another reason why it’s a perfect Christmas gift is the fact that wine is best enjoyed in company and Christmas is the one season where friends and family come together for great company.

10. Coffee Maker
She probably wakes up early to take care of everyone else, a coffee maker would be a perfect gift for her because there is nothing better than the smell of fresh coffee in the morning.

11. Work Out Gear
Work out gear is the perfect Christmas gifts idea for her considering how much we indulge during the Christmas season. It is the perfect gift for shedding the extra gained weight. Consider it a gift that keeps on giving, it can be used a whole long time after.

12. Digital Game and Accessories
Is your niece or girlfriend a gamer? Well, choosing a gift for her is the easiest thing to do. If she is a new gamer a console is a perfect idea, for the PS4 gamer, a bigger game drive for PS4 would do. A play and charge kit would be perfect for the Xbox gamer and you cannot go wrong with a Wii U Pro controller for the Wii U gamer, not unless they already have one.

Now that you have a complete list of Christmas gift ideas for her, it’s time to get shopping. Remember, it’s not the size or the cost of the gift that matters, it’s the thought.

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