Finding the right Christmas gift can be challenging, how do you know if the recipient will wear it or use the gift? It is easy to come up with just the right gift though, all you need to do is tailor the gift to the recipient’s likes and interest, that way, the gift becomes a token that is treasured forever.

Exchanging gifts on Christmas is a tradition that dates back when Jesus was born, the custom of giving and receiving gifts remind us of the gifts presented by the wise men.

Back to the present, we are counting days to Christmas, we may not be gifting our loved ones Frankincense, Gold or Myrrh but it is time to sit and think of those amazing gifts that we will be giving our loved ones.

Here are some top Christmas gift ideas that will help you shop for gifts for different members of your family and friends. The list includes items that your family members can’t live without to those that they need, it also caters for the young and the old.

Gifts Ideas for Men
Let’s be more creative this time round and put an end to gifting men matching socks and ties. Spending more also doesn’t make the gift more valuable, so just make your gift useful and sentimental.

1. Fitness Tracker
You can never go wrong with a fitness tracker, it’s cool and hip and useful too. Most men are enticed by technology and that’s just what this gift is. It not only reminds the recipient to keep fit, but also stores data relating to your loved one’s fitness.

2. Grooming kit
This can include hair removal and shaving accessories, you can never go wrong with a hair clipper or an electric shaver. A beard or mustache care kit with a beard comb, beard oil and beard balm make a perfect gift too.

3. Wireless Headphones
They are cool, they can be paired easily with any other music gadget and they come in handy when working out. No wires tangling up and distracting the work out session.

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Just like men, women’s Christmas gift should be useful and sentimental, Luckily Jumia Kenya has a huge variety of products that are perfect as Christmas gifts for women.

1. Perfumes
Perfumes to a woman are everything, they convert a woman into what she wishes to be for the moment. She can be confident, wild, sassy or calm depending on the fragrance she chooses, so you can never go wrong with perfume as a gift. Just factor in the likes of the gift recipient and there, you have the perfect perfume for her.

2. Accessories and Makeup
Women like being all dolled up and looking pretty. You therefore cannot go wrong with accessories or make up as a Christmas gift. Shop for a gold watch, a pair of earrings or a bracelet and a makeup kit and you will be excited to see the happy reaction on the recipient’s face.


3. Clothes and Shoes
Ever heard of a woman who had too many shoes or clothes to wear? Well, why don’t you gift your wife or your sister a few pairs of shoes or that pretty dress she has been wanting this Christmas? For the clothing items, there are many options to run with here, could be a sweater, a jacket or even a warm scarf. For the shoes you can get a pair boots, heels or women sandals.

Top Christmas Gifts Ideas for kids
Kids are the easiest to shop for, they get excited very easily by anything new and shiny. However, when shopping for a kid’s Christmas gift, you need to factor the age and their interest too. Some gifts ideas include

1. Toys
Kids appreciate toys , both hard and soft toys, depending on the kids age, you can choose what is best for them. Flashy and bright colors will hold a kid’s interest longer.

2. Games
You can never go wrong with kids’ games, consider both indoors and outdoors games. There are also learning and educational toys the likes of abacus, sports toys such as soccer ball and hula hoops not forgetting toy cars and trucks.

You don’t have to spend hours on your feet looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. Shop for the Christmas gifts online which will leave you ample time to wrap the gifts

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