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When you need the right memory card to shop for whatever device you use, Jumia is the best platform to find reliable memory cards. On Jumia Kenya you get to shop from the widest categories of cards, whether it's TF cards, card readers, micro SD cards, SD cards or more. Finding the right memory card can't be a problem any longer as we have all the major brands you recognize to be the best in the business of making memory cards such as Sandisk, Advance, Magideal, Transcend, Toshiba, and more are all available. All you have to do is check through this page to find a memory card that fits your budget and that is big enough to take up all your files.

Choosing the Right Memory Cards

When shopping for the right memory cards, there are few factors you need to consider which are:
Memory card compatibility: Not all cards work with all phones. There are different sizes of memory cards such as Secure Digital (SD) cards, compact flash, and memory stick. Most smartphones use the microSD cards.
Memory card capacity: This is usually measured in Gigabytes. It is important to note that the higher the memory capacity of the card, the more data you can store on it. Most microSD cards range from as low as 2GB to 1TB. You should also note that the higher the capacity you want, the more expensive it is. The capacity is one of the major criteria to look out for when choosing a good card.
Memory card speed: This is also an important factor. Some media card read and write speed is faster than others. It is necessary to note which class the media card belongs whether it is a Speed-class card or Ultra high-speed class card.

Getting Yourself the Right SD Card Online

If you use a smartphone, you need the right kind of SD card that can fit your phone; look around to find what fits on. Shopping the right SD card online would also require that you ensure you buy one that is compatible with your phone. For example, if you are looking to shop a 128GB SD card, make sure to check to read the instructions on your smartphone to be sure that your phone can take an SD card of that size. Then your selfies can begin.