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Electric Cookers

One of the essential activities for living well and long is cooking, whether you’re the one doing it or having someone else. Understanding how important it is to cook and eat, then it is equally important for you to have the best home appliances which would facilitate the best cooking conditions for you. Cooking appliances come in different types with all of them aimed at giving you a better, faster and healthier way of getting your food cooked. One of such beneficial cooking appliances are electric cookers, also called electric hotplates.

Electric hotplates are appliances which have almost replaced the local and conventional forms of cooking across homes in Kenya over the past decades. They are designed to help you cook your food but with electricity instead of the usual fuel for stoves. They are available in different sizes. Some hotplates have just one burner or head while others have two or even as many as four. This is to make it possible for you to select whichever suits you best based on the how much cooking you usually do. They have control knobs as well just so that you can determine the level of heat you want to cook your food on.

If you are looking for the most authentic electric cookers, Jumia Kenya is your number one choice. Asides guaranteed authenticity, we also grant you the best prices even if you are working on a budget. Furthermore, you can find other cooking appliances like pressure cookers, rice cookers, gas cookers, waffle makers and more on our platform.

Benefits of Electric Hotplates

If you have never used an electric hotplate before, you might be quite skeptical about getting a new one. However, when you know the benefits that come with them, you can be sure to purchase one for you, your family or your business, as the case may be.

1. Speed

If you do a lot of regular cooking, one thing we are sure you will always want is speed. You want your food cooked in the fasted way possible. Electric cookers are designed to work very much with heat to help you cook your food very fast.

2. Clean cooking utensils

Nobody likes a kitchen that is all filled with tar resulting from smoke. Having to cook with fuel could also make your pots and pans all black, making you spend a lot more effort on getting them washed. Hotplates do not work on coal and so, no matter the amount of cooking that you do, you can be sure that your kitchen would come out clean still. You can also be certain that your pots and pans wouldn’t be black.