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Before the evolution of smartphones, feature phones were once best selling mobile phones. Feature phones are a category of mobile phones that have limited capabilities and functions. They are regarded as low-end phones. They are very much affordable and lots of big brands once produced these kinds of phones with some still in production. Feature phones are typically used for making calls, replying text messages, some have MMS capabilities while others don’t, they also have internet capabilities but on a very small scale. You can hardly open big sites on them due to the limited storage space present on the phone memory. They were produced in order to meet a certain standard of living since everyone can’t affordable a smartphone. With this kind of phones, you can perform basic mobile phone operations. These phones were majorly in play before the era of smartphones. Most of us at one point in time used feature phones and are still using feature phones. The major reason why people mistake some feature phones with smartphones is that they can now perform more than just calling and texting. You can now connect to the internet, chat with friends and loved ones on messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, 2go, and more. They also have music player whereby you can now listen to your favourite songs and playlists. But the restriction to this is the music format. Unlike smartphones that can play a majority of audio file formats, feature phones might just be restricted to only audio formats with mp3. Also, new generation feature phones come with a camera but mostly with low megapixels and low image quality. The screen resolution is also low compared to smartphones. Most feature phones now come with QWERTY keypad for chatting and replying text messages. The download speed offered by the device is a far cry to the smartphones. They don’t support 3G, 4G or LTE networks. They are mostly on 2G or Edge network. Also, these phones have limited storage memory which is mainly used for storing image files compared to large files like videos and audio files. Some of them support the use of external memory cards while others don’t. There are basically two types of mobile operating system on feature phones which are Java and Symbian OS. They are still in use today to manufacture these brands of mobile phones.

Where to Buy Feature Phones in Kenya

Feature phones are perfect for those who don’t have that high-end budget but at the same time, want to enjoy using their phones for more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. These kinds of phones are very much affordable and easy to use. They offer very simple user interface and due to their limited storage space for apps, they tend to operate fast due to the absence of heavy files and apps. You can explore our collection of feature phones at the lowest prices in Kenya. We have top mobility companies that manufacture these kinds of phones such as Nokia, Samsung, Itel, Wiko, and more. Order for your friends, family, and loved one. Pay cash at your doorstep.