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Buy the Best Flour in Kenya on Jumia

There are so many different types of flour in the market these days, and one of the most important things one needs to know is what kind is what. Flour is basically any grain that has been blended into dry powder. This means that while the most popular source of flour is wheat, we still have the ones being produced with oats, corn, rice and more.

The most popular kind of flour is the all-purpose flour. Like the name suggests, it can be used in different ways to make different pastries, foods and more consumable groceries. The other kinds of flour include the cake flour, used for baking cakes, wheat flour, semolina, bread flour, pastry flour, whole wheat and unbleached flour. Flour is very enriched in vitamins like Zinc, copper, and magnesium and the body needs these in great amounts to stay healthy.

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