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Audio Amplifiers Online

Amplify your music and sound to the max with quality sound enhancers sold on Jumia, give your car or home that unadulterated sound they deserve. With sound amplifiers sold on Jumia Kenya, your entertainment is officially on the next level. Now you can have parties and gatherings whenever you want.

The engineers have put their years of experience into making a robust and flexible Amplifier that is loaded with available audio inputs.

  • You can play MP3 music from a USB flash drive or USB hard disk
  • You can connect to the amp by using Bluetooth from your phone, tablet or laptop
  • You can plug in an SD or Micro SD into its card reader directly from your phone or tablet
  • You can plug in an AV audio source like a TV or DVD player into the RCA ports
  • You can use the Amp to listen to the inbuilt Radio (With inbuilt telescopic aerial)
  • Where to get Audio Amplifiers Online

    Don't keep asking why your sound is clear when you have access to Kenya's number one retail store. Shop today on Jumia for all your multimedia sound systems, speakers and home theatres and take charge of the sounds in your life. On Jumia all our products are from top-notch brands, so you can be assured of optimal satisfaction when you purchase any item here. Shop today, smile forever with Jumia Kenya.