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Asus Laptops for Sale Online at Jumia Kenya

Asus Brand was created in 1989 with a wide inventory online on Jumia Kenya that includes laptops, desktops, mobile, and phones. Asus x540 notebooks are exceptionally popular online on Jumia as per the customers’ reviews. Asus is offering a compact and lightweight laptop that is packed with all the features of a regular laptop but is highly portable and convenient. The best part is that they weigh less than 1.5 kg

Features to Consider Asus Notebooks

  • Mobility
Asus notebooks are comfortable to carry around for students as well as professionals that travel a lot.
  • Screen Sizes
Although notebook is meant to be a little smaller than laptop, there are also differences in screen sizes among notebooks. Like Asus 10-inch notebook is said to be the mini system but performs the same way as the other devices do like Asus 11-inch notebook and Asus 13-inch notebook.
  • Processor Speed
Processor is the central part of any system that manages and reforms the data in an efficient way. Asus i7 notebook has a  high-end processor hence the device is able to run smoothly as you work.
  • Storage Space
Asus Notebooks are not just for personal use or entertainment but for professionals  such as for field research purposes. As such you storage space is dependent on usage. The more files, videos, pictures and other data you have, the more storage space you need for your Asus Notebook.

Specs of Asus Gaming Laptops on Jumia

  • Stimulated performance
Asus gaming laptops perform comparatively faster due to the exceptional core processors and display the superb quality images by the ultimate usage of graphic configurations. Asus i3 notebook is a brilliant example.
  • HD Display
The display sizes are larger than smartphones which allow the viewer to be amused by the graphics more clearly. Moreover, the convenience of HD is perfect for examining each angle of the displayed content.
  • Abundant Portals
These gaming laptops have lots of ports to support the peripherals like mouse, keyboard and USBs. Moreover, there is also the place to insert CDs or DVDs and attach the internet data cable.
  • Long lasting battery
Once you charge the battery of a notebook, it can last for many hours which contrasts the features of desktop computers that require constant power.