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To some of us, our cars are like our second home. More than a companion. We all love to feel extremely comfortable in it. There are several car accessories one can buy to fully maximize the use of your car. One of those accessories are mobile phones car accessories. These are accessories that help link the car and the mobile phone. There are lots of these accessories one can buy online. Imagine a situation whereby you driving to visit a friend and you need to make an urgent call to be sure of the direction you’re heading towards only to realize your phone the battery is low. This happens to most of us at least if not every time but is sure has. This is a situation whereby you will appreciate having a car charger. There are different kinds of car chargers. There are some car chargers that have specific charging port suitable for your phones and there are some that have USB ports where you get to plug your phone USB cable. It is preferable to buy car chargers with USB ports because asides charging only your mobile devices, you can also charge other gadgets like your tablets and so on. When choosing a USB car charger, you should make sure you choose the one with high amps for faster charging. You should also choose the one that has multiple USB ports so you can charge more than one device at a time. You can also get Car Bluetooth handsfree kit which is very useful while driving. Avoid driving and receiving calls while pressing your phone against your ear. You can get the Car Bluetooth speaker which you can pair with your phone and receive a call on the speaker while driving. This is a safe means of receiving calls. Also with the speakers, you can play your favourite songs on your mobile device and listen to them via the speakers while driving. You can also get the Car FM transmitter. This is a form of car radio and media player device. It comes with a small portable remote control that you use to access the media card inserted into it or the FM stations available in that location. Also when using your mobile phone map for directions, you can buy Car holders. There are different kinds and shapes of this car holders where you are able to mount your mobile phones on.

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