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To fully enjoy your computer, you need the right computer accessories. If you enjoying listening to music through your computer as you study or while working, we have the latest headphones to enjoy your music peacefully. You want to blast some music in your apartment, we have portable speakers. Are you a student who is always moving around and you need your laptop with you? We have amazing computer backpacks that are well padded to protect your computer from any damages. Shop online today at Jumia Kenya for the latest laptop accessories. Computer accessories are various kinds of computer peripherals that can be used to enhance the operations and functions of the computer system. These accessories help to maximize the full functionality of your systems. Be it a laptop or desktop computer, computer accessories are very important attachments if we desire to use our systems effectively. Knowing which computer accessory you need is very important. Because an accessory worked for a desktop computer doesn’t mean it will also work for a laptop. To be on a safe side when shopping for computer accessories, always make sure you opt for USB port accessories. A good example of this is the USB mouse. You might decide to replace your computer mouse, there are different options available for you to choose from such as a mouse with USB port or serial port. If you opt for a serial port mouse, and you quickly want to use it on a laptop, this will not work because laptops don’t make use of serial ports. But if you opt for a USB port mouse, then you are mostly certain it will work with any laptop or desktop because this port is a universal port that is present in all desktops and laptops. This same idea applies to other types of computer accessories except that accessory isn’t made with USB. There are several computer accessories such as storages devices, network devices, keyboards, speakers, laptop bags, cables, connectors, monitors, printers, game accessories and so much more. If you love playing PC games, you can get computer gamepads and joysticks here online at affordable prices. You can get wired or wireless computer accessories also. Be it a mouse, keyboard, or speakers, you are sure to get it here. Wireless mouse uses Bluetooth technology. It is much more easy to use compared to the wired mouse. If you don’t like too many wires around your working area, you can buy the wireless mouse and keyboard. Also, you can get wireless speakers too. All these wireless accessories come with a unique USB chip. It is mostly called plug n play because all you need to do is plug the chip into the USB port, the driver installs automatically then your device is ready for use.

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You can get best deals on computer accessories here on Jumia, your number one most trusted online shopping platform in Kenya. Browse through our extensive list of top quality accessories from top brands such as HP, Dell, Samsung, Apple, and so on. We have brand new accessories such as laptop chargers, Dvd/cd rewritable drives, HP wireless mouse, TP link wireless adapter, Dell USB optical mouse, Apple Wireless mouse, card readers, keyboards and so much more. If you require the need to change a certain part of your desktop or laptop, you can get spare computer accessories here online at affordable prices. Use our fast search bar to look for the particular computer accessories you need. Get great discounts from our top sellers on computer accessories online. Pay cash on delivery when your product gets delivered to you anywhere in Kenya.