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There is no better way to backup your files or documents locally on your smartphones or tablets than using memory cards. Also known as Media cards, they are storage devices that are used to store important data for future retrieval or reference. The majority of smartphones make use of memory cards. Aside from the internal storage memory, the media card helps expand the overall storage unit on the phone or tablet or device intended for.

Choosing the Right Memory Cards

The importance of media cards in phones can never be overestimated. If you like storing movies, music videos, songs, apps, games, and more, then it is advisable you get a good memory card. In choosing the right card, there are few things to consider in order to get the perfect card for your smartphone or tablet.
1. Compatibility: Not all cards work with all phones. There are different sizes of memory cards such as Secure Digital (SD) cards, compact flash, and memory stick. Most smartphones use the microSD cards.

2. Capacity: This is usually measured in Gigabytes. It is important to note that the higher the memory capacity of the card, the more data you can store on it. Most microSD cards range from as low as 64 megabytes to 2 terabytes. You should also note that the higher the capacity you want, the more expensive it is. The capacity is one of the major criteria to look out for when choosing a good card.

3. Speed: This is also an important factor. Some media card read and write speed is faster than others. It is necessary to note which class the media card belongs whether it is a speed class card or Ultra high-speed class card.

Where to Buy MicroSD Memory Cards at Jumia Kenya

In this day and age where we download a lot of pictures, music, videos and documents, most phones don't have sufficient internal phone storage to store all these items. Getting yourself MicroSD Memory Cards is your best solution since it gives you more space to store material in your phone no hustle. Some of the memory cards have a faster transfer speed enabling you to transfer huge files very fast. Do you want to listen to your favourite music playlist while stuck in traffic or watch that amazing tv series or movie; get your self toshiba micros sd card or transcend memory card or samsung memory card or scandsick memory card. Shop online today at Jumia Kenya for the best memory cards at affordable prices.