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Power banks are devices used to store charge for later use. They are basically made up of rechargeable batteries that can be recharged after the charge has been depleted. One of the most popular uses of power banks is for charging mobile phones most especially smartphones and tablets. There are times you can be using your smartphone to perform heavy function that tends to drain the battery faster and you need a power source to charge your device but unfortunately there is none available, with your power bank you can easily connect your charging cable to your phone with the other end connect to the power bank. The sweet thing about power banks is that you can charge your phone on the go at any point in time or at anywhere.

Choosing the Perfect Power Bank

There are different types, shapes, and sizes of power banks available and it is of utmost importance you choose the right power bank is reliable, durable and can fully charge your devices. Here are some few things to look out for when shopping for power banks

1. Power bank battery capacity: It is highly important to know the power bank capacity. If you choose a power bank with low battery capacity, this means it might not last as long as you think and it might not fully charge your phone. There are different capacities ranging from 2000mAh to over 10,000mAh.

2. Number of Ports available: This refers to the number of USB ports available on the power bank. By default, there should be two ports, one for charging the power bank and the other port is where you connect your smartphone charger to charge your device. If you have more than one device and you want to charge them simultaneously, then you might have to go for power banks with more than one charging ports.

3. Brand Matters: If you familiar with a trusted brand, it is very important to stick to the brand but there is no harm in trying another brand you feel make reliable and durable power banks. Just like smartphone brands, each power bank come with different features, some might have quick charge feature while other might not.

4. Check LED indicator: This indicator light is very important which allows you monitor how your power bank is being used. You can check when the charge is full or when it is discharging via the LED light. Make sure any power bank you get has a LED light.

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