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Is someone scared of buying a refurbished phone? If you are, then why? A refurbished phone is a type of phone that has been used at the showroom for display for a period of time and after use at the showroom it is then sent back to the manufacturing company for a re-check or examination and after this recheck, it is returned to the market for sale. Or, a refurbished phone is a phone that was sent back to a buyer due to some fault or probably the buyer does not want the phone again and so, the buyer returns it to the seller; when a phone is returned to a seller, the seller returns it to the manufacturing company and after it is sent back after a recheck of the hardware components then it is put up for sale.

You should not be scared of buying a refurbished phones because they a good and quality phones that have gone through hardware re-examination twice and in the process phone faults are duly checked.

Refurbished phones are phones that are returned to the market at low-cost prices. They come with a 40-50% discounts on the original prices of the phones. So, imagine buying an iPhone 7 at a 50% discount of the real price for the new type, I guess that is really a whopping deal.

To enjoy the best of this great deal, get yourself any of these refurbished Apple I-phones - 5c, 5s,6, 6s, 7, 7s on the Jumia Kenya Online store.