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Discover the Latest Samsung Tablets

Shop for the latest Samsung tablet online on Jumia and read the new features and specifications. When buying a Samsung tablet online, you need the latest there is in the market any later than one to two years. Samsung comes up with new models of tablets every year. Samsung tablets vary from affordable to high quality tabs. They comprise latest technology and can be bought online in Kenya through Jumia. While Samsung tab price may vary from one model to another, they are still affordable and more than meet the needs of the consumers

Samsung Tablet Detailed Specifications

When buying Samsung tablets in Kenya the most important thing is its mobility. Depending on how much you are on the move, all Samsung tabs offer portability. When comparing two tablets you enviably look at the weight and its dimensions. The lightest tab is the Samsung Galaxy Tab E which weighs 490g. The tablets by Samsung run on Android OS platform but most of them have cellular connectivity via the sim card slot. If you are a business person, the best tab is Samsung S4 as it has both WiFi connectivity and 4G LTE as well as the latest processors. If you want to buy online a Samsung tablet solely for watching movies and videos, then you might want a bigger screen. Do keep in mind the screen to body ratio of the tablet as well as the resolution. Resolution of the screen should be proximately 2500 x1800 pixels for high quality results. Most Samsung tablets come with a touch screen display with 12-16M colors. The best tab for movies and gaming is the Samsung S3 Battery is the most important feature you want to look at before getting Samsung tab online. The longer the battery time the better it is. Choose a tablet that has a long talk time of at least 10 to eleven hours and plays music for even longer. For documents, movies and music storage, you will need a tablet with internal memory of at least 4 GB to store all your media. Pictures taken by the camera also take up memory so having an additional memory card slot is a good idea. Though the Samsung tablets are not popular for their camera quality, these vary from 6 to 10 mega pixels and almost all tablets have two sided cameras with video option. Some cameras also have the flash option, but this is very rare.

Where to Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Although you can buy a comprehensive variety of Samsung tablets in Kenya via Jumia’s online marketplace, there are many different things that need to be considered. Please continue reading below to know more. Firstly, determine your usage to narrow down the specs and features of the galaxy tab you intend to buy. Secondly, determine your budget. Jumia is the place where you can get the best priced against all models of Samsung tabs. Whether you want to check the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab A or any other galaxy tab series, order today on Jumia.