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Tea is the second most popularly consumed beverage in the world after water. There are varieties of tea, each distinct in color and flavor. It is interesting to know that these different tea blends come from one plant, known as the Camellia sinensis; this plant is indigenous to Asia. A majority of people find this difficult to believe. The popular types of tea are white, green, yellow and black. Whether it is bold black breakfast tea, vegetarian green tea or herbal tea these teas have its unique process which gives each tea its unique color and flavor. White tea is the least processed of all the types there is. The leaves are first plucked from the tree and left overnight in a clean place to wither. After this, the leaves are dried through a process that turns them regularly as air circulates around them until the desired level of dryness is achieved. Green Tea, just like the white tea, the green tea leaves are plucked left to wither. Once this is done, it goes through a de-enzyming process to make sure it retains its green colour. This means that it is heated to avoid oxidation. After this, it is put on the fire to reduce moisture. Yellow Tea is a type of tea majorly found in China, it passes through the same process as the green tea till the de-enzyming step. The leave is then stored in piles and covered in damp clothes. This is to restore the leaves to their former state and to retain its aroma while the green is being removed. After this, the leaves are fired up.

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Coffee is a drink gotten from roasted coffee beans. Coffee drinks are prepared with boiling water and coffee beans or in this days ready to drink coffee powder. When it's done quickly under pressure by coffee machines they are known as espressos, slow brewed coffee is simply known as "coffee". All coffee drinks divided into two. Either it's a coffee or an espresso. You can drink coffee plain, with cream or milk (steamed or foamed), though it's no crime to add extra flavorings or sweeteners or even alcoholic liqueurs.

Types of instant Coffee

• 3-in-1: These type of packaged coffee contains powdered coffee, sugar, and milk. All that is needed is water, and you're good to go.
• Black: also known as plain coffee, mostly drank by grown-ups and is drank with no additives.
• Hybrid coffee: This is powdered black coffee, combined with other flavors like chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, milk, or strawberry.

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