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Tecno Kenya - The Brand

Tecno Telecom Ltd is a Chinese based mobile phone manufacturer that focuses on the African continent. The company started in 2006 in Hong Kong. The company was the first to initiate dual sim mobile phones in Africa, therefore staying true to the motto “think globally, act locally”. The Chinese Company puts consideration on their customers experience and aim to provide them with the best products for their environment by adopting the latest innovative technology. The electronic firm has a large product portfolio that includes High quality mobile phones, feature phones and smartphones in Africa. The company designs high quality mobile phones with their main target being; giving consumers the best devices at best price. One of the best examples is for example the Techno Phantom which is probably the best device sold at this price in Kenya.

Tecno Phones

Tecno mobile phones in Kenya have huge reputation for high quality, powerful recreational functions and high-performance. Just consider the Tecno p3, n7 or m3! The company is also known to have released the first mobile phone manufactured in Ethiopia at the beginning of 2013; the plant was built 2 years ago in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The Company plans to open more plants in further countries in Africa such as Nigeria and Kenya in the near future. With its brand philosophy, it is no surprise that the Chinese company is not only the fastest-growing mobile brand in Africa, but also one of the top three mobile phone brands. The brand is widely available in Kenya on many shops, online shops and retailers, and with the market share for smartphones increasing steadily in Africa and the potential opening of more plants, the Chinese brand could soon become one of the major phone if not the major brand in the African market.