The Natural Bodywax Company SweetToffee Sugaring Paste for Hair Removal

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Sugaring is an ancient hair removal practice that uses a special blend of sugar syrup to create a thick paste that removes the hair from the root. It was practiced by the ancients in Greece and parts of the middle east. It was the go to method for cleopatra and friends!

Its 100% Natural, Doesnt stick to live skin cells - Hence it will not rip out your skin! Like that? Keep Reading...

The special Formulation of sugar paste In SweetToffee is applied To the skin first in the direction of hair growth using only your Fingers!( or strips). It’s then flicked off in the the Opposite direction, so it doesn’t break off the hair. Moreover, it can be Re-applied to the same place several times without fear that your skin will be stretched or torn- until the sugar ball is unelastic( Full of your little hairs).. Sugaring paste is only just heated to body temperature ,so burns and irritation are impossible. Regular body sugaring treatments lead to reduced hair growth meaning less hair, fewer treatments and a decrease in any discomfort. Both our sugaring pastes Have exfoliating properties that will pick up dead skin cells in the areas that are being treated leaving your skin soft, Bright and Radiant. Your can perform the treatment on yourself, we have lots of video tutorials to help you start your journey or you can take our paste to your favorite spa For a treatment!  The best property of this is that bacteria cannot breed in sugar! Hence your paste will be safe for you to use all the time, just remember to put the lid back on and store in a cool dry place.

Our Sugaring paste SweetToffee Doesn't leave any residues behind. After the treatment take a nice shower and apply your favorite fragrance & Alcohol free moisturizer ( Coconut oil works best! it was also used as deodorant in those days!)

Our hard sugaring paste (SweetToffee) works best for hot spots of the body; Bikini line & armpits, This paste is ideal for the course hair associated with this regions. However works just as well on all other body parts!

The hair must be grown out for the sugar to remove it- (The size of a rice grain). Sugar paste can be used with a strip of cloth( material that doesnt stretch)/ epilating strip. However, SweetToffe is designed specifically for the strip-less method or 'flick method' which we like to call it; see

The paste is meant to only be slightly warmed prior to use (10 seconds in a microwave--varies by microwave and sugar type or by putting tub in a bowl of hot water until its only warm to the touch. Do Not overheat product.


imageinstructions for hard sugaring at homeimage

*Warm tub of sugar for 5-10 seconds in microwave. 

*Scoop a ball of sugar paste out of tub. 

*Apply the ball of sugar paste with fingertips against the direction of hair growth. Let the sugar paste soak in for a few seconds 

*Remove the sugar paste in a quick flick technique from the skin in the direction of hair growth and the hair will be pull out. 

*Re-apply the same piece of sugar to the next section. Keep using the same ball of sugar until it is no longer picking up the hair. See video tutorial on our website :

Safety Warning:

Homemade sugaring paste for hair removal.image

*Apply sugaring paste on clean, dry oil-free skin. use Baby powder to compat any sweating

*Do Not Over Heat! Sugaring is not like waxing.The product should be warmed to body temparature( warm to the touch) so it makes it easier to remove a ball from the tub. 

*More than 10 seconds in a microwave could result in burns. Sugar retains heat for a long time, so once it is warmed it will stay warmed. 

*If you accidentally overheat it, put it aside to cool it down before using.

Your can remove hair in the following areas safely with our paste Sweet toffee!

  • Bikini zone
  • underarms
  • arms 
  • legs
  • facial hair

Happy sugaring!

Key Features
* Easy to use* You dont need strips to use this hair removal paste! just your fingers* SweetToffee washes away easily with Water* Our paste is super Economical. You can use one ball of paste for large areas
What's in the Box
1 Tub of hair removal paste
Specifications of SweetToffee Sugaring Paste for Hair Removal
Weight (kg)
Main material
Care label
Do not overheat. Store in a cool dry place
Product warranty
3 years
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