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All the following products come with a two weeks cure of lactic ferments in order to:

Water retention and constipation

Theralica + : A draining to prevent water retention and fight against the likely slowdown in transit (possible constipation) due to decrease of bolus during restrictive diets.

Find Theralica™ Drainer here !
(contains lactic)

Burn calories

Theralica + : Stimulation of thermogenesis and fat breakdown through plants and chromium.

Find Theralica™ BW here !
(contains lactic)

Regulating blood sugar in case of excess weight very

Theralica + : Chromium and cinnamon, stabilize blood sugar, recommended for people severely overweight.
Theralica™ GL coming soon! ( contains lactic )

Sleep disorders

Theralica + : In case of insomnia during diets, magnesium intake associated with so-called sedative plants normalizes your sleep.
Theralica™ SL coming soon! ( contains lactic ferments )

Chronic stress

Theralica + : Fighting the effects of chronic stress on the body in general and in particular the weight factor (weight gain) is always necessary.

Find Theralica™ ST here to reduce stress !( contains lactic )

Tiredness and weight loss

Theralica + : To avoid shortcomings and their consequences that can disrupt your body system (tiredness among others) use adaptogenic herbs and specific vitamins to boost your energy.

Find Theralica™ FA here to optimize your energy !
( contains lactic )