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Uninterrupted Power Supply popular known as UPS is an electrical device that helps provide backup power in situations where there is no power supply. Mostly used with desktop computers and laptops, the UPS provides you with a limited time-based power supply. Mostly determined by the power of the electrical appliance or device connected to it. One of the primary function of UPS is to protect your electrical appliances of devices from damage whenever there is an unexpected power outage. The UPS automatically kicks in when such an event occurs. This gives you enough time to either switch to a more suitable backup supply or allows your shutdown or turn off the appliance the right way. Shopping for UPS can be really tiresome especially with different questions pop up. With this guide, you can rest assured you will order the perfect UPS for the right use. Firstly, you need to know what wattage of UPS you want. The higher the wattage, the more appliances it can support and the longer it lasts too. Also, you need to be sure which type of UPS do you need. There are basically two types of UPS which are rack-mount model UPS and tower model UPS. Shop reliable UPS on Jumia Kenya today at best prices.

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