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The first law of nature is self-preservation when you take care of yourself, you can confidently boast of a glowing skin and well treated one at that. All personal care products for men of different types can be found on Jumia at value prices here. Shop for shaving cream, moisturizers, facial treatment, clippers and shavers, blood pressure checker, tummy trimmer and more here. High-quality health products of numerous brands are available for sale and you can be sure that you will get discounts, save big and have an exciting time shopping with delight on Jumia. Everything from lip balm to foot scrub to manicure and pedicure kits is offered you from our top range selection of the very best in quality of personal care products for men. If you are shopping on here, take some time to carefully search so that making a purchase decision will be easier for you. However, we have a search facility in place to help you search and find the exact care product you may want to buy from our stores. Take good care of your skin, shop for the latest deals on here. Sometimes, makeup is necessary to bring out the beauty in a woman. If you buy makeup from the right place, you neither have to worry about applying too much of it for spending too much of your hard-earned money to make a point. Getting the right makeup that fits is not a hard thing when you have the biggest marketplace in Kenya to shop on. All through your eyes to your lips to your face and to your toes, get all the attention you need on this page on Jumia. Find eye blushes, eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss, nail polish and makeup brush sets from thousands of sellers across Kenya as well as local and international brands such as Zaron, Mary Kay, and Black Opal. Feel free to buy a couple of lip gloss on Jumia in a bid to try on what suits your lips. Browse through dozens of nail paints, play with colors and get creative with your lips and nails; they're yours after all. Real women know the difference in every shade of powder, that's why they need the widest variety of makeup for them to choose from. Get good quality foundation powders ranging from red to light tan to dark brown and everything in between, all at best prices.

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A well made-up face needs a good skin to go along with. Buy everything from cream, moisturizers to bathing soap, aftershave, and special face treatment tools on Jumia. No matter what your skin color is or your skin sensitivity, you can shop on Jumia to find that perfect lotion that suits your unique skin needs from brands such as Forever, Cocoa Butter, Revlon and more.