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Gymwear for women

Hitting the gym is a lot easier when you have the right gym wear. As a woman you need stylish and specific gym wear for women that will ensure your workout is interesting. At Jumia Kenya we have a variety of gym wears for women including: Yoga fitness leggings, training sports jackets, sports bra, sports pants and even sports shorts among other exiting women gym wear. They also come in different patterns and colors including floral and plain solid colors.

Choosing gym wears for women on Jumia Kenya

The kind of gym wear you choose for your work out stands between the success of your training and the failure of the same. Choose the perfect gym wears for women to ensure that nothing goes wrong in the gym.

  1. Material: Avoid cotton for long workout sessions as it tends to absorb a lot of sweat making it heavy and wet. Instead consider synthetic and sicking fabric which allows sweat to evaporate quickly.
  2. Fitting: Consider the type of your workout, for example if you are going to take up cycling, avoid baggy legged pants and go for closely fitting ones. Again, if you are taking up yoga, you don't want a loose shirt as it will keep coming off when you do some of those complicated bending moves.

Then finally, gym wears for women is not complete without a good sports bra. Here, you want to go with a sports bra that gives you the right support no matter what kind of training you will be taking.

Shop for gym wears for women Online in Kenya

Our gym wears for women is carefully selected to give you confidence, support and the comfort you need as you work out. Find the perfect sports bra, training top and vests and shorts that suit your preferences. Whatever kind of women's gym wear you are looking for, rest assured that you will find it. Shop online for our complete collection of gym wears for women