We all like to receive compliments on our outfits and style. FACT! Not only does this make us feel confident and sexy, it also makes us take our fashion buys a lot more seriously, which is a good thing. Edgy fashion is unique and has signature ensembles that only you can pull off. This is why it’s crucial to go for clothes which represent your personality and items which are not necessarily on trend, thus will never go out of style.


Edgy fashion item #1: All black everything

Fantastic for mixing and matching, black items are a great investment. They can easily be paired with literally any garment and fabric.



 Edgy fashion item #2: Printed tees

You definitely have one of these. Try pairing your tees with a tight fitting pencil skirt, or buy one a size bigger and pair with great fitting leggings.


Edgy fashion Item #3: Faux leather leggings

Thank heavens for leggings! Not only are they are they comfortable, they also perfectly map out your lower body. Fold them a bit towards your ankle to show off your funky footwear.


Edgy fashion item #4: Studs

These can instantly transform any outfit to badass. They also give a rocker feel and are a simple way to spruce up your look.


Edgy fashion item #5: Plimsolls

It’s okay to value comfort more than anything! Luckily for you, these pairs will make anyone forget that you’re actually wearing ‘rubbers’!



6. Edgy fashion item #6: Sunglasses

These have been chic since a few years ago. If your eyes are sensitive to light, look into getting photochromic lenses to protect your eyes.



Edgy fashion item #7: Make up

Do not be afraid to experiment with different hues to complete your look. We especially love bright bold shades of red lipstick.



Edgy fashion item #8: Chunky Jewelry 

No edgy fashion style is complete without statement pieces. Go for more chunky pieces to keep your look on point!


Edgy fashion item #9: Fringe

This is the ultimate universally accepted edgy fashion detail. Pair it with any simple fashion piece for a grunge look.


Edgy fashion item #10: 

Always keep your nails freshly done with dark shades for this look. Get creative and try different nail art to suit your fancy.




Do you like to look edgy? Post inspired by Lucia Musau.

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Wamboi kay - Wamboi Kay is the fashion editor at Jumia Kenya. She also runs her own personal style blog, www.wamboikay.com and has been active in the fashion industry for 3 years.

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