There is never a wrong time to have a chilled glass of wine. Some people will have a chilled glass of wine after a long day at work, while others prefer it paired with a meal. In fact, there is a common saying that goes like “a meal without wine is called breakfast”.

With that said though, there are different types of wines in Kenya. Some like the non-alcoholic wines are common for weddings while others like champagnes are mostly served for celebrations, you know, for popping and making the event memorable. Let’s look at the popular types of wines in Kenya.

Popular Types of Wines

1. Red Wine

Red wine is made from fermenting dark-skinned grapes which give them the color and they also have a fuller taste than the white wines. Red wines, unlike white wines, get better with age and are better enjoyed at room temperature. Red wines are best paired with red meat.

4TH Street Sweet Red Wine

In kenya we have variety of red wine brands online which include, 4th Street Red Wine, Cellar Cask, Caprice and Four cousins.

2. White wine

White wine is either made from white grapes or dark grapes which have been skinned before fermentation. White wines also vary in color, you will find the color ranging from yellowish and goldish.

White Wine

White wines are best served chilled for refreshment, they also do well with white meat such as seafood and light meals.

3. Rose wine

Rose wines are medium wines, they fall in between red wines which are heavy wines and white wines which are light wines. Rose wine is made by either pressing red grapes immediately they are harvested which give the wine the pale rose color or crushing the grapes and allowing them to sit with the skin before separating the pink juice.

H.O Rose Wine

When it comes to paring rose wine with food it is one of the versatile wines. It can be paired with light dishes such as fish or grilled chicken or with vegetables and salads.


Champagnes is a wine from the sparkling family of wines, and nothing says celebration like Champagnes. It takes roughly 12 years to prepare the best champagne. Champagne is best served on its own, but it also goes well with savory dishes and spicy foods.

5. Non- Alcoholic Wine

These are wines that have zero percentage of alcohol in them thus they are suitable for anyone. Most of these wines are used for wedding and in churches, they can also be served at the table during a meal as they don’t have age limit. Most non- alcoholic wines sparkle and pop.

Non – Alcoholic Wine

Now you know some of the popular wines in Kenya, spice up your life with one of the above wine, or can just do a collection of wines which is also pretty amazing.

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