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  • top 5 ramadan gift ideas

    Top 5 Gift Ideas for Ramadan Season

      Looking for best gift ideas for Ramadan? Wondering what gifts to give to loved ones during this Holy season? Ramadan is a season where Muslim faithful’s fast with the intention of getting closer to God and to remind them of the suffering of those less fortunate. During Ramadan, Muslims Read more ...

  • father's day gift idea 2018

    The Complete Guide to Father’s Day Gift Idea 2018

    Thinking of the best father’s day gift idea? Then this guide will help you with the best gift you can choose to celebrate father’s day.  Many will agree that fathers are not celebrated as much as mother’s day. For some reason, their role in families and even the society at Read more ...

  • mother's day gift guide

    The Complete Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2018

    Looking for the perfect gift for mother’s day? Then you will love this mother’s day gift guide we put together. Only a mother blames the rain for raining on her kids while they could have carried umbrellas or better yet, waited for the rain to stop so that they can Read more ...

  • plus sized women fashion advice

    10 Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

    Plus size and still want to stay fashionable and very trendy. Many plus size women are of the opinion that being under the category of a plus size, limits your fashion sense and makes your fashion needs secondary. However, lots of efforts have been put forward to disabuse such stereotypes. After Read more ...



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