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  • plus sized women fashion advice

    10 Fashion Tips for Plus Sized Women

    Plus size and still want to stay fashionable and very trendy. Many plus size women are of the opinion that being under the category of a plus size, limits your fashion sense and makes your fashion needs secondary. However, lots of efforts have been put forward to disabuse such stereotypes. After Read more ...

  • tips on how to choose evening dress

    Top Tips For Choosing The Right Evening Dress

    Do you want to learn the best tips for choosing the right evening dress for your next outing? Choosing the right evening dress could be quite confusing for many ladies. There is the challenge of picking something that matches your taste and fits you perfectly. Sometimes, there is also the Read more ...

  • understanding easter customs and traditions

    Understanding Easter – Easter Symbols and Traditions

    By the way, why do Easter holiday days changes unlike Christmas, valentines and other international holidays? All in all, Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians from Good Friday as the day Jesus Christ died all the way to Easter Monday the day He resurrected. To some, especially those Read more ...

  • Genius Valentines Gift Ideas for Him or Her Depending on Personality

    Perfect valentines gift! February has long been declared the month of love and the most common way of appreciating a significant other has been gifting. But there is nothing as tricky as choosing a perfect gift. A gift is something the receiver should be able to hold and say, “look, Read more ...



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