What is natural make-up?

Natural make-up is a make-up look that almost looks like no make-up has been applied on ones face to achieve the look. It leaves a more natural look as it is done using minimal make up and it also feels light on the skin.

Here is a guide on how to do natural make up look

1. Wash and Moisturizer

To nail a natural make-up look, you need to have a flawless skin to avoid using too much concealer. Maintaining a strict exfoliating and cleansing routine gives a flawless, smooth and radiant skin.  This, in return makes it possible to achieve a perfect natural make-up look with minimal concealer . Invest on a lightweight moisturizer which has SPF to protect your skin from the sun.  


2. Primer

A primer is supposed to prepare your skin for make-up by reducing the appearance of the skin pores. It also gives a smooth texture to your skin. So, to get a perfect natural make-up look, invest in a good primer

3. Foundation and Concealer

Remember the whole essence of natural make up is to appear like you almost don’t have make up on. When choosing a foundation , choose the correct shade, when making application, apply only on the places that need touch up. Use the right makeup brushes and beauty blenders to achieve that natural look.


4. Blush

Well, blush can be tricky to put on, if you are not careful, you may end up looking like a clown, you know very red cheeks and all.

To avoid all that, go for a color that is closest to your natural blush. Use blush on your cheekbones and you could also apply some on the chin and forehead to look like you have been sun kissed.

5. Eye-brow Pencil and Mascara

Don’t forget to work on your eyes, to fill in your eyebrows, use a brown pencil which gives a more natural look, check that the color matches your natural hair color. Mascara also comes in handy for lengthening and volumizing lashes when used on both top and lower lashes. But use it moderately, remember we are going for a natural look.


6. Lip balm, Lip gloss, Nude lipstick

The last step, for your make up, is the lips, use a lip balm to moisturize your lips and you can leave them that way or use a nude lipstick and your make-up process will be complete.

Nude Lipstick

Natural make-up can be done for any event, it also protects your skin since no heavy makeup is used on the skin. There you go, practices your natural makeup look and see how it goes.

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