When it comes to buying clothes as a man in this day and age, there are many factors to consider in terms of going for whatever look you are trying to achieve. This look were sure is nothing short  of class and style. Here are tips to help you pick your perfect fit;

If you can fit one finger between your neck and shirt, that’s a perfect fit. Two fingers, it’s simply too large.


Shirts that ‘baloon’ around your torso are an absolute no-no! Go for slim fit shirts if you’re on the slender side.


If you are tall, slim fit shirts would fit you perfectly, and help you avoid drooping collars.


Bring some personality to your shirts. Remember this post?


Untucked shirts were in years ago. Not anymore.


 Always ensure that your collars are in good condition to avoid embarrassment.





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Wamboi kay - Wamboi Kay is the fashion editor at Jumia Kenya. She also runs her own personal style blog, www.wamboikay.com and has been active in the fashion industry for 3 years.

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