Valentine’s day ideas – Valentine’s day is an annual festival to celebrate romantic love. So, every 14th February, people shop for valentine gifts which include cards, flowers, lingerie , perfumes among other items and gift their loved ones.

Different people choose to celebrate Valentine’s day differently, some do it by travelling with their loved ones, others send gifts while other show acts of love between them.

Valentine’s day is celebrated by the romantics where valentines gift hampers which normally contain a bottle of wine , chocolates and flowers are sent. Others exchange bouquets of flowers with love notes while others still celebrate with dinner or a special cooked meal.

Well, different couples at different stages of their relationship may celebrate valentines differently due to different circumstances include kids, school or work. 

See valentine’s day ideas for every relationship stage

1. MR. and Mrs.

When it comes to choosing gifts, married couples can have it either way. It can be a simple affair because they have known their partners, or it could be a tricky affair since they might have given them everything, they are left with no gift to think of.

Well, the simple part is that they could recreate their first valentine’s day and present their loved ones with a rose for every year they have been together. They could also gift them personalized gifts, for him, a pair of happy socks or a leather wallet and for her a necklace and matching earrings. 

Happy Socks

2. Engaged Couples

This is the stage where you are romantic and having lots of fun. You are also committed to each other and should probably start making your own traditions. You could shop together for your favorite perfume or help each other choose a fragrance you both like, something you could wear later for special occasions. Gift ideas include a watch for him or a spa kit for her. 

Watch for Him

3. Dating Couples

This is the most interesting part of a relationship, you get to learn something new about your partner every day. Never a dull moment. When celebrating valentines at this stage make it fun and make sure you create moments that you will both want to reminisce.

You could go wine tasting or visit local attraction sites. Gift ideas include a cute playful stuffed animal for her which she can always remember you by and nice headphone for him.

Cute Stuffed Toy

Spoil your loved one with one of the above Valentine’s day ideas but remember it’s the thought that counts not the size of the gift, nor the price tag.  

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