Buying a Smartphone online can be tricky considering all the brands and varieties are out there. So, what exactly are you supposed to look out for when choosing the best mobile phone online?

Some of the few things that smartphone shoppers are concerned about include the prices, battery size and how much charge it can support, the display size and the camera megapixels. But is that all you should look out for?

Jumia Tips for Buying a Smartphone Online

1. Consider Age

It is tempting to buy an older phone as it tends to be cheaper and you get to save money, but, always go for the latest phone. Well, consider that an older phone might stop receiving important software updates, also as apps get more powerful, the processor and memory may not be able to run the latest games software.

But if the mobile phone is for carrying out simple tasks like texting and calling, it could still work.

2. The display

We spend a lot of time on our phones, reading, playing games and just communicating with other people. The size of your screen matters a lot, so are you looking for a big screen to watch a movie or do you want a small screen which you can hold with one hand.

Also, consider the brightness of the screen, it should be bright enough for outdoor use and sharp enough that you can see your texts clearly.

3. The battery

You don’t want to end up being that person who always has a “dead phone”. Well, how can you tell that a phones battery is good when buying a smartphone online? First, talk to people who own a similar phone and find out its performance. Secondly, read reviews about the phone.

Most Android smartphones include special chargers that can charge a battery to at least half charge in a few minutes. Also, choose a smartphone with fast charging battery.

4. Storage

Shop for a phone with at least 64GB of storage, or more. This is enough storage to download music and movies. Consider the fact that apps are also bigger, and pictures that are not going to be saved on cloud take much bigger space.

5. Camera

What is a smartphone without a quality camera? If you are into social media especially Instagram and snapchat you know that a good camera matters a lot. If you like sharing photos with family and friends make sure you choose a phone with a good camera.

Smartphones like Galaxy S9 and iPhone X are very good for taking pictures even in low lit areas even without using the flash.

Other things to consider when buying a smartphone online include the company reputation. Do your research before buying a phone, household names such as Samsung , Apple, Huawei, Infinix and Tecno are a safe bet. Go for a phone that supports wireless charging if possible, it is more convenient. Check which network it supports; does it support the newest network? Fingerprint sensors makes it easy to unlock your phone since you don’t have to enter password and you can get this on Huawei and Infinix .

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