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Many people consider Apple to have become the brand of the rich. That's because their prices are top in any field and not only when it comes to the iPhones, MacBook Pros, Mackbook Airs but also the iPads, iPads Air, iMac and even the iPod music players. Since its beginning in April 1, 1976, the company has taken many turns in order to become what it currently is. Apple is the synonym of class and quality. Their range of products covers almost any field the casual user would think of and they have always something new in store.

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Apart from being a leader on the phones market, the brand is known as one of the most famous when it comes to tablets. The new iPad Air is extremely flat and has an innovative Retina display, which allows a clearer and more natural presentation. Enjoy the latest iTouch technologies. The iPhone 5S and 5C came out not long ago and quickly became the leader on the smartphones market. The combination of ultrafast wireless connection, a new A7 processing chip and thousands of apps are what make this one of the best with features such as high image quality and clarity of video recording thanks to iSight. The real revolution of this smartphone was above all Touch ID that can recognize your fingerprint. Apart from the unique design, the latest MacBook Air laptop give you 3xWi-Fi speed, extended battery life, Intel HD graphics and a new generation processor.

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