Do you know that the average Kenyan visits Jumia first to conduct research before they make a purchase decision not just online, but also offline? Why not reach them here at this crucial stage of their purchase journey? By signing up to Jumia Advertising as a client you stand to increase your brand awareness improve product sales, generate qualified leads for clients like banks/insurances & also drive repeat purchases.
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Brands using Jumia Advertising

Jumia Advertising | Reach Million Of Your Customers

Do you know you can reach millions of your potential customers around the world by advertising your products or services on Jumia online mall platform in Kenya? We are offering you the most organic way to reach millions of active internet users by placing your ads on our home pages or products landing pages. Seize the opportunity we offering you to reach your target audience across all the Jumia platform at reasonable prices.

Whether you a service company or you a manufacturing company. It does not matter if you a new company or you have been in operation for some years. Many organisations have advertised their products with us. Lets your business be known to the people out there. Rest assured that your services or products will be at the reach of everyone that visit our home pages.

Here are some of the leading brands using Jumia advertising services to gain more customers. Brands like PZ Cussons, UKA Electronics, Unilever, Absolut, Microsoft, MasterCard, Vision+, Nivea, Carrefour, Heineken, WPP, Jameson and more. You can be part of this growing list by adding more customers to your existing customer base with the help of our platform.

If you have been thinking of the best way to increase your brand awareness at a reasonable price. If you have not been able to find a suitable medium to advertise your products online. Well, now you have got one big platform to create awareness of your products and services at reduced rates. Our rates are mild and reasonable and will not leave your company account depleted. Lets us be your sole advertiser online, lets us run your ads for you and our creative department are always ready to help you get your product out there to millions of subscribers on all our online platforms.

Promoting your company should not be a tough and enduring thing to do. Getting your products or services to the people that matter can be difficult when you are not in the right place. But, with the right medium, you can be sure of reaching your target audience seamlessly and cost-effectively.

One of the advantages of placing your ads on Jumia eCommerce website is your ads performance management. You will get weekly detailed performance reports and insights of your adverts. The performance insights will enable you to know how your campaign is performing. With Jumia advertising services, you are going to get reach millions of people.