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It is very important to consume only fresh food because consuming otherwise could be very detrimental to our health. And going to the market or the mall sometimes can be very tedious and time-consuming. This could cause an issue, especially if you're a working class mother who also has to make food for the family after a long day at the office. Buying food and groceries online can now easily be done when you shop on Jumia. You can easily for your food and drinks and have them delivered to your doorstep, so as not disrupt your plans or routine for the day. Check off everything on your grocery list today without even leaving the comfort of your room. It is all just a few clicks away.

Nutritious Foods to help you Achieve a Healthy Lifestyle

No matter what age we are, food has the same value to us. It helps to keep us strong and healthy, building the bones of the younger ones and fighting off diseases in the bodies of the older ones. From when we are born and for every stage of our lives, food is one of the constants. And because it plays such a huge role in our lives, it is very vital that we eat healthy and nutritious foods that would promote a long lasting and healthy lifetime. Having a diet or timetable that you follow could go a long way in helping to eat and stay healthy. Contrary to what people might think, diet is not specifically associated with weight loss. There are healthy eating plans that can be followed that would keep you in shape as well. There are also healthy food recipes that can be followed to give your family a healthy treat for their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Types Fresh Food We Can Eat

We all need food to survive. Food is one of an essential needs to sustain our existence. There are different types of food one can eat ranging from vegetables to seafood. The importance of food to the body can't be overemphasized because they help keep the body healthy. It is highly important to note the type of food we digest. Eating fresh food and groceries will do more good to the body. Food is essential to our bodies to produce the energy we use for working, walking, running, and more. They help develop, replace and repair damaged body tissues, help carry out chemical processes such as digestion, protect against diseases and infections, and they also help us to recover from them. When it comes to food, it is very important we check the expiry date, make sure they are fresh food and also make sure they don't contain substances that are harmful to the body. There are different types of food one can eat which are:

Vegetables are an important part of healthy eating and provide a source of many nutrients, including potassium, fiber, folate (folic acid) and vitamins A, E, and C. You can order for fresh vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, garlic, and more. People who eat fruits and vegetables have low risks of having diseases. They help maintain healthy blood pressure. They help reduce blood cholesterol level and any chances of heart diseases.

Animal and Milk Products are food products gotten from farm animals such as egg, milk, yoghurt, buttermilk, and more. They are also called dairy food products. They supply protein, vitamins and minerals, and extra energy to the body.

Staple Foods mainly make up the largest part of our daily meal. They supply a good amount of energy to the body (carbohydrates) and some protein. They include cereals such as rice, maize, sorghum, wheat, and more, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, yam, plantain and more.

Seafood includes fish, shellfish such as crustaceans. They are majorly food stuff made from ocean or sea animals. They supply a good amount of protein to the body.

Baked Foods includes cakes, cookies, muffins, pizza, pies, bread, and more. They are flour based food that is baked using an oven. Cakes and snacks are also popular baked foods that are used to celebrate important occasions and events.

Fruits are sweet and fleshy products gotten from trees or plants that contain seen and can be eaten as food. They include apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, and more.

Fats, Oils, and Sugar foods are a great source of energy to the body. They can help you to gain weight especially for those who want to add a little weight. They help to stimulate appetite. They also play a very important role in eating a balanced diet. They include butter, margarine, mayonnaise, coconut cream, cooking oil, palm oil, and more. The body also needs sugars in order to produce energy but sugar must not be in excess in the body. They include honey, jam, table sugars, cakes, and more.

Healthy Drinks and Beverages for all Ages

Beverages could just as well be called liquid foods. They usually do more than quench our thirst because they have over 50% water content; they also give us energy and refresh and rejuvenate the body. Drinks like coffee, tea and milk in the morning help to awaken the mind and is a good substitute for a rather heavy breakfast. The occasional intake of sugary drinks is necessary for energy. Even considerable intake of alcohol, studies have said, reduce the risk of you having a heart disease or diabetes. And of course, the importance of water consumption can never be overemphasized. There are even drink recipes that produce the healthiest drinks, for example, smoothies. There are different types of beverages, and all can be taken, depending on the time of the day, the weather or your health status. For example, diabetic patients need to stay away from sugary drinks, ulcer patients need to stay away from most soda drinks, especially the ones that contain citric acid which could irritate an already existing ulcer.