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Sony - From a small start to a multinational corporation

Sony is a multinational Japanese corporation that is one of the leading companies in the world. It specializes in electronic devices such as mobile phones, cameras, televisions, video games and much more. The company was founded on the 7th of May in 1964 by Masaru Ibuk, who opened a small electronic store in Tokyo. Since then the company has grown from its small beginnings into a multinational corporation.

Innovative technologies

From its beginnings, Sony has always strived to design new, innovative technologies and devices according to their own standards. It has created unique products that are known to be more reliable and attractive than other technology brands. The company's main slogan has undergone many changes since it was founded, and in 2011 was changed to 'Make. Believe.' The firm tries its best to embody this slogan. Now Sony performs very well. The brand succeeds into creating new innovative HD Cameras ever smaller, new mobiles that are waterproof with for example the well-known Xperia. Recently the brand decided to focus on tablets and LED and 3D TV. Electronics is everywhere with Sony.

Different product varieties

Sony has a variety of products that you can buy online. Some of the famous products and electronics on offer are different television types, widths and sizes, digital camera models, mobile phone brands such as Xperia Smartphones, tablets and much more. The most famous brand of products available is their video game merchandise the PlayStation PS4 or also widely known as the PSP, which is the most popular gaming console in the world. Another popular brand is the VAIO computers, laptops and notebooks which offer fast processing power, storage space and reliability, at much more affordable prices than other computer brands. All the Sony products in Kenya are widely available across retail stores and online shops in Kenya and also in Nairobi.