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Discover Axe Brand by Unilever Kenya

Axe beauty products in Kenya are on demand for men due to their fresh scents along with having a long-lasting feeling. The brand is manufactured by Unilever. Axe ranges from fragrances, after shave, body sprays, deodorants, antiperspirants, shampoo and shower gels for men.

Axe Products on Jumia Kenya

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  • Axe Fragrances¬†
Axe fragrances for men offers a wide range of masculine scents. Axe perfumes & body sprays in Kenya is suitable for daily wear to help you stay fresh. Some of the famous ranges include Aerosol Peace, Dark Temptation, and Africa Spray.
  • Axe Antiperspirants & Deodorants
Axe Antiperspirants are designed in a way that they are dry or a roll-on stick. When you use Axe, these instantly dry up leaving a fresh feeling behind. After applying, this does not leave on any residue that might look bad on the clothes of the user. These products are known to make you stay fresh and sweat-free for up to 48 hours.
  • Axe Hair Products
Axe Hair products for men are great for natural hair, clean cut, and silky textures. There are nutrients and ingredients present in the gels that boost the hair texture and make it look great.
  • Axe Body Wash
Axe Body Wash makes a person feels fresh, rejuvenated and clean at the same time. The core ingredients present in the ranges of body washes include different combinations of sandalwood, white amber, green fruits and sage. You can choose between Apollo, Phoenix, Anarchy and Peace body wash for men.