Big Home Makeover Deals

Upgrade your home with Jumia's Big Home Makeover deals where we will be having amazing prices on home and kitchen appliances including small appliances such as microwaves not forgetting large appliances such as Fridges & Freezers, washing machines & Dryers. The Home Makeover Deals also include Televisions, Home Decor, Bedding, Furniture, and Bathroom accessories. Mark your calendars from April 24th-5th May 2019 and bookmark our page. Comfort made affordable by Jumia Kenya

Enjoy Massive Deals with the Jumia Big Home Makeover

The Jumia Big Home Makeover campaign is certainly one of the most exciting campaigns that you will ever find. It runs from April 24th-5th May 2019 and offers you amazing deals on appliances and items that will make your home better and make housework easier. With the evolution in technology, there are many appliances and items which have been manufactured, purely aimed at making life a lot easier. So, whatever it is that you do at home, from washing to cleaning to cooking to leisure, we guarantee you will get all the appropriate appliances to make life easier. On the Jumia Big Home Makeover Campaign, we are making all the major home items available to you and making it possible for you to buy more at a less price.

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Some of the items that you get discounts off during this campaign on Jumia Kenya are as follows:

  1. Fridges & Freezers: Fridges and freezers are essential for preserving perishable food and fruits. One great thing about fridges & freezers is that they do not require installation or technical ability to be operated. Also, they help a lot in saving money and time when it comes to cooking. Check out variety of fridge brands such as Mika fridges and Ramtons fridges.
  2. Cooking Appliances: The world is moving fast from the era of local modes of cooking to better, faster and more pleasant ones. In the Home Makeover campaign, you can get cooking appliances that would help you prepare food for yourself or for your family. Shop cooking appliances like Gas cookers, electric cookers, ovens and microwaves to have the best cooking experience in your kitchen.
  3. Washing Machines & Dryers: Washing clothes can be quite taxing especially if you’re barely at home regularly to wash. And you might not want to hand your clothes over to the dry cleaners for personal reasons. With a washing machine, you can get your laundry done by yourself at the fastest recording time and without much energy too.
  4. Televisions: Televisions are one of the best ways to keep updated on what’s happening in the world, they are also a great source of entertainment. With the Big Home Makeover Deals, we guarantee you the best deals from a wide selection of televisions for your home. Choose from a wide selection of smart TVs, flat screen TVs and curved screen TVs.
  5. Small Appliances: Small appliances refer to appliances which are not large but are still very much useful in homes, they offer value, make life easier and work faster. Some of them include electric kettles, cloth irons, blenders, juicers, processors, sandwich makers, standing fans, toasters, dispensers and so on.
  6. Home Decor: Switch over the look of your house with our fascinating home decor products. Everyone loves a beautiful house and achieving one takes a lot of work and attention to details. But with a platform that lets you see everything you need to make your home into a palace, life has never been easier. Our range of home decor includes curtains, wall clocks, wallpapers, carpets and rugs, chairs and so on.
  7. Bedding: Upgrade your bedroom with stylish bedding set using Jumia’s Big Home Makeover Deals. Shop for different sets of bed linens and covers to add charm to your bedroom. Check out our wide collection of mattresses, bed pillows, duvets, duvets cover and comforters. Bedding set may consist of matching a bedsheet, a pillow cover and a comforter.
  8. Bathroom Accessories: Some of the bathroom accessories on Jumia include toothbrush holders, they come in plastic and stainless-steel materials. Check out also the shower curtains which are available in different colors. Other bathroom accessories include bathroom weighing scale, find both digital and analog weighing scales some for the brands include Ramtons weighing scales.

Jumia Home Makeover Campaign: Only the Best Prices on Jumia Kenya

Enjoy up to 50% off your home electronics powered by Philips , Mika and Ramtons. Grab your gas and electric gas cookers, single and double door fridges, microwaves, toasters, blenders, water dispensers, freezers, Smart TVs, digital TVs, soundbars. Decorate your home with luxurious curtains, paintings, wall art and enjoy a wide range of assortment from Jumia. Mark your calendars from April 24th- 5th May 2019 so you don’t miss out on any of the best prices this season.

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