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It’s a special shopping season again, and as usual Kenya’s biggest online market brings the best online deal of Black Friday 2018. What better time to shop at affordable prices than on Friday the 23rd of November.
I don’t know about you but I am thrilled about this wonderful shopping experience this Black Friday is yet to bring.
Here are few tips to help you maximize your shopping for this day:

  1.   Stay connected to social networksFirstly, be active on various social platforms so that you can have updates on new deals, discounts and special items. Word of mouth is never enough to keep you informed. There is the need to stay connected with all your favorite ecommerce stores to have exclusive news on happenings so that you will not miss out on any deal.
  2.   Select an Ecommerce platform: This tip is key, there are many online stores participating in Black Friday and they all have different things to offer. You have to carefully select an ecommerce site that has all the items that meet your needs. Also, consider these factors before settling for any of the ecommerce stores – security, free and easy delivery, quality of items, best deals and guaranty.
  3.   Go through the deals your stores are offering: You should have a valid idea on what deals and on what products your preferred store will be offering before the Black Friday shopping starts. This will help you decide where to buy from and also what to buy; it will also assist you with planning your budget. For best online deals and Flash sales, feel free to compare the prices of other sites and make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.
  4.   Create a shopping list: After finding the deals available in the online stores in Kenya, create a shopping list of all the items you need according to a scale of preference, this means that you should get a pen and jot down from the most important items needed to the random items you just want to have. Also, go to your choice online market place to make sure those products are available before the D-day.
  5.   Make a Budget: Product items are not sold on credit online. Although there will be huge discounts on Black Friday products, none of this products will be sold on credit or given for free. Therefore, when making your list, don’t forget to research on the prices of the items you want to purchase to know if they fall within your budget. For me, the best way to go about this is to check the discounts the stores are offering, and compare with how much you intend to spend. This way you’re never taken by surprise. Also, this budget should also be used to write your list.
  6.   Timing: Finally, you need to shop on time; you don’t want to shop when all the juicy products must have been sold out. Bear in mind that there are a lot of shoppers that are aware of the great available at Black Friday. In order to be the first to get your most preferred items, you should set your timer to the Black Friday start time.

Now that you are officially ready for black Friday, make sure you do all your shopping this Black Friday.

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