It’s exactly ten days to Christmas, have you figured out what theme you want for your Christmas Decorations?

Gone are the days when all roads led to Ocha during Christmas, today more people are opting to remain in their town homes and have their own Christmas traditions including decorating Christmas trees, having different Christmas meals and visiting places of interest.

On the other hand, our folks in the rural places are also catching up with the white Christmas lingo and are participating more and more in Christmas decorations and other activities that were previously viewed as “up town people” traditions.

Christmas decoration is a fun activity for both kids and adults, it’s a good way to express your creativity as a family. Well, wherever you will be celebrating your Christmas, here are four Christmas decorations ideas for your home.

1. Christmas Tree

Christmas decorations cannot be complete without a Christmas tree. You can choose to go with a synthetic tree, or a real tree, luckily for us, Christmas trees are easily available in our gardens all you need to do is get a good branch and go ahead with the decorations.
Traditional Christmas colors such as green, red, gold and silver do wonders for the Christmas tree decoration, while lights bring the Christmas tree to life. I you have gifts for the family, they can be arranged under the tree.

2. Ornamental Wreath

Ornamental wreath is the next big Christmas decor after the Christmas tree. Ornamental wreath is made of flower stems, fruits, holly leaves and twigs twisted into a big ring. It is a symbol for everlasting life and a sign of strength and growth.

Ornamental wreath Christmas decoration can be placed on the outside of the main door, above the fire place and it also looks great on a stairs landing.


3. Santa Claus

Nothing shouts Christmas louder than a Santa Claus figuring carrying a huge sack of gifts with his elves and little helpers. Complete the scene by hanging the Santa Claus gift socks on the fire place. Traditionally, the socks are either green or red, but you can Kenyanise them by using left over Kitenge, Maasai Shuka or Leso.

4. The Nativity

Christmas decorations cannot be complete without the nativity scene. You can create one using a picture frame of Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus at the stable surrounded by sheep and goats. It’s a great way to tell the kids the story of the birth of Christ. It can be placed as the center piece in the living room or under the Christmas tree.

Well, there you have it, if you are looking to have Christmas with a different touch, above are some of the Christmas decorations ideas that you can consider. All the Christmas decorations items are easily available online at attractive prices too.

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