What is the best washing machine in Kenya?

It can be quite a challenge to choose between the traditional top load washing machines and the new front load washing machines. Here at Jumia, we are helping out thousands of clients to make their choice easier. As such, here are 9 factors you should consider before buying a washing machine online and the best brands in Kenya.

  • Size of Washer

Have you ever wondered what the kg in washing machines mean? This is the weight limit for what you put in the washing machine. For both top load and front load washing machines, if 7kg is written, then you can put up to maximum of 7kg dry laundry. The best rule to follow before buying a washing machine, take into account your largest duvet.

  • Installation Flexibility

Ramtons  front load washing machine

If you have limited space, the front loads are built with stacking capabilities. The washing machine can be stacked with a dryer or beneath a storage rack. Laundry pedestals are highly recommended to provide additional storage underneath a washing machine. Ramtons  washing machines are the easiest to install.

  • Ease of Use

Top loader washing machines are easier to load and offload. You can also easily add more clothes during washing cycle as the door doesn’t lock. Since the water pours from the top, softener and detergent are well distributed among the laundry. With the front load washing machines however, you have to ben to load and unload the laundry. Also, once the door locks, you can no longer add more clothes unless you stop the cycle and wait a few minutes for the door to unlock.

  • Cleanest Results

Von Hotpoint Top Load Washing Machine

Front loads are gentler on clothes during a wash cycle. As such your clothes last longer without the wear and tear of washing frequently. Bulkier clothing like duvets and comforts are best washed in a front load coz they are fully immersed in water, detergent and softener. For big loads, Von Hotpoint washing machines are the most popular on Jumia.

  • Water & Energy efficiency

When it comes to water and power bills, you need a washing machine that won’t inflate either. We find that front load washing machines use 40% less water and are more energy efficient than top loads. Unless you have a mechanism of collecting the water for recycling purposes, such as washing your car or home, we highly recommend the front loads. Check the efficiency label of a washing machine before buying online on Jumia where A or A+ is the top most rating.

  • Wash Cycle Speed

Samsung top-load washing machines,

Most front load washing machines have multiple choices on the type of wash cycle you need. A wash cycle in a front load ranges from 3 hours, 90-degree water to 30 minutes 30-degree water temperature. For front load washing machines, there are two types; with agitator and without.

Agitating is a mechanism within a washer that creates motion by shaking and forcing water in the machine. The most common top load washing machines in Kenya do not have an agitator. Top loads without agitator are gentler with your clothes and less expensive. On the other hand, those with agitator have faster wash cycles but can handle less loads.

Consider buying Samsung washing machines, either top or front load for efficient wash cycle speed results.

  • Efficient Spin Cycle

During the wet and rainy season, you need your clothes to leave the washing machine nearly dry unless you own a dryer. The front loads are the best in this case as they spin 33% faster in the last cycle than top load washing machines. The downside is the resulting vibration and noise.

  • Value for Money

Bruhm front load washing machine

  • Smell

Mold tends to build around the seals and the door of the front load washing machines. Since top loaders rely on gravity to empty the drum of water, there is no mildew accumulation in the washing machine. Armco Top Load washing machines are very popular on Jumia Kenya.

The front load washing machines are generally more expensive because they are water and energy efficient. In the long run, the expense evens out as you pay less water and power bill. The top value for money brand is Bruhm washing machine.

In summary, front loaders take the day as they provide the cleanest results, are water and energy efficient, have an efficient spin cycle, are flexible to install and are the most affordable in the long run.

Do you agree with our take? Shop washing machine now on Jumia Kenya and have it delivered to your home.

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