Love is an amazing experience and its the only emotion in the world that fills you with an overwhelming surge of affection for the special person in your life. Valentine’s day is almost here again, make an effort to please someone you love and do something special without prioritizing your own interests, and putting their interests before yours.
As time passes by in our daily life and in the relationship, we often take the ones we love for granted and believe that any excessive display of affection is corny. Take out time to celebrate the special person in your life and let he/she know how much they mean to you this valentine’s.

For people looking to get gift items bigger than wilted flowers and a card for valentine’s, it’s important to remember that romance is still the priority. After all, a giant flat screen TV or cooking gas might seem like a cool idea, but it’s not exactly going to enhance the mood for romance.
From weekend getaways to silky pajamas, here are a number of romantic gift ideas that will make the special person in your life blush.

1. Romantic Getaway

Only a few things can spark up the romance better than holing up in a picturesque and peaceful location for valentine’s.
Celebrate love this valentine by getting any of the destination packages on Jumia Travel. From making a reservation at any of the best 5 Star Hotels in Nigeria to a short getaway at any of the top destinations in Nigeria. Treat someone special to a short yet memorable experience this valentine’s day.

2. Silky Pyjamas/ Lingerie

Lingerie and silky pyjamas are romantic and sexy gift items perfect for valentines. With this gift, bed time will look much more tempting, let your partner relish the luxury of sashaying around in sexy lingerie or sleeping in fancy pyjamas.

3. Jewellery

Getting something your partner had always dreamt of having is thoughtful and romantic. Can you remember any jewellery item she has been longing to get? Is there a piece your partner has had their eyes on for a while? Something they would love to have but haven’t really made the effort to pick up? Gifting a piece of jewellery never gets old, get the stunning piece of jewellery wrapped and bring it home as a valentine’s day present.

Wristwatch4. Wristwatch/ Bracelet

Quality wristwatches can serve as a stunning valentine’s present. Get the his and hers matching watch set. Find a matching set with an equally appealing male and female variant, they serve as both a practical and romantic gift set.

5. Roses

Roses have become the symbol for love and romance. They come in a variety and range of colours ranging from pink to lavender or white. Surprise your loved ones and put a smile on your partner’s face this valentine’s day. Get in a touch with a florist and order from a range of mixed rose bouquet or red roses for that special someone in your life.

6. Get a flight ticket

The world is full romantic places, visit one. This an exciting valentine’s day present your loved one will cherish forever. Get a flight ticket and hop on a plane, visit some of the most romantic places in the world and create amazing memories together.

7. Dinner Date

Romantic DinnerDinner dates are so romantic. Make a reservation at any of the top restaurants in town and enjoy each others company as you bask in the warm glow of love on a pleasant night.
Romantic dinner dates can be fun, exotic & adventurous but what really matters is how well it helps you reconnect.
If you would rather stay home, you can enjoy a candle lit dinner indoor and have an online food delivery platform deliver food to your home for the night. With few lit candles on a small cozy table where you both can sit, eat and have long romantic conversations.

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