Perfect valentines gift!

February has long been declared the month of love and the most common way of appreciating a significant other has been gifting. But there is nothing as tricky as choosing a perfect gift.

A gift is something the receiver should be able to hold and say, “look, she was thinking of me” or “aww…he remembered me”. Doesn’t matter how much the gift costs what is important is that you thought of him/her.

Well, by now you ought to know your significant other’s language of love, if in case their language is “Receiving gifts” then you know gifts for them is not just a “thingy” it is a visible symbol of love and it speaks the loudest. Don’t mess it up by gifting them a shoddy gift or you will regret your choice of gift the rest of your life.

Understanding your significant other’s personality is the key to finding the perfect valentines gift for him/her so here are some gift ideas for Him or Her depending on personality.


If your significant other is a techie there is nothing that could go wrong with Smart Watch if possible the latest series. A techie will obviously be impressed with the latest smartwatch technology; the watch is one of the top fitness gadgets useful in running, swimming and generally tracking your health. It can monitor your exercise and the heart rate.

If they already have the watch, then you can surprise them with Smart watch accessories.


There is never a wrong time to battle it out on the newest FIFA installment or for some new gaming headset to put him/ her in just the right spot for the new FAR CRY adventure. Off course there are far more gamers gifts ideas that will appeal to your love you only need to do some thorough research and here you will absolutely find what you need.


If you are dating a photographer, then you know their hobby tends to lean on the expensive side of life. The lenses, the lighting kits and the cameras themselves don’t come cheap but let that not put you down. There are so many cheaper thoughtful camera accessories you can buy as gifts this valentine, these include a Camera Straps, a Fast Memory Card, Green Screen Kit just to mention a few.

Word of caution though, before buying this as your valentines gift, you need to know the specific product so that you don’t end up buying something that is incompatible.

4.Fitness Freak

Dating a partner who is all about looking good and having the right weight? Well, choosing a gift for them should be easy. Such simple items as the right training shoes and socks, you can replace their water bottle or get them a new pair of training pants or vest.

Remember it’s the thought that counts but here you are also adding points 😉 by making it known that you actually care about what goes on in their world.


Books are a uniquely portable magic,” Stephen Kings own words. Which is true, and every reader out there knows this. You guessed right, a book is one of the perfect gift you can give your significant other if he/she falls in this category.

The beauty of this, the book doesn’t have to be new; it just has to be something they have not read. In fact here is a perfect book, it might just take you to next level , who knows?

If you are creative enough you can opt for other small creative gifts that go hand in hand with books, like little pretty bookmarks, fancy book-racks or shelves or even a book storage rack.

By Florence Mukunya

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