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Buy Online Bluetooth Speakers in Kenya at Jumia

The Bluetooth speakers have the Bluetooth connectivity option. They also come with USB ports and standard audio jack as alternative connectivity sources. These speakers can be connected to any device that features Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio wirelessly to the speakers. Majority of the people prefer buying Bluetooth speakers over all other types of speakers because they do not require leaving their audio player on the top of speakers. Bluetooth speakers are the handiest devices as they give you an opportunity to listen to the hi-fi music anywhere anytime no matter you are. With chargeable Bluetooth speakers, your favourite audio is always with you.  

Top Features Bluetooth Speaker in Kenya

The common features you need to consider while buying Bluetooth speakers include:
  • Sound Quality - include the bass and ultra-bass functions, volume control, on-off buttons, drivers and more.
  • Battery Life - The louder volume of speakers drains battery fast whereas, so you should try to keep the volume low or medium to enjoy best battery timings and performance for your speakers.
  • Water & Dust Proof – especially for beach and camping fans
  • Multi-Point Pairing – the functionality that allows multiple devices to connect at the same time to the Bluetooth speaker
  • Speaker size and weight – the more you’re on the move, the lighter the bluetooth speaker should be. However, if the speaker is for home use, you can opt for a larger one

Best Selling Brands of Bluetooth Speakers

Jumia being the largest online shopping of Kenya offers Bluetooth speakers in all sizes, models and designs with different technologies to suit your business needs. To know about the latest Bluetooth speakers price in Kenya you may browse our available products and buy the one that suits your needs. The Bluetooth speakers from renowned brands that have the best features are Tagwood, Google, Huawei, JBL and many more.