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Discover Board Games Online in Kenya

You can’t find your bunch of keys and you’re almost late to catch the early bus. You’re sure you didn’t misplace it, but you just can’t put a finger on where exactly you dropped last night. It’s at the tip of your fingers, but you just can’t grasp it. At one time or the other, we’ve all been in this situation, and it can be nerve-racking. Well, the solution to this isn’t necessarily putting a nail into the wall to hang your keys from, but a few fun sessions with your favourite board games. Board games have been with us from time immemorial, the chess of Persian origin and Monopoly of American origin.

Board games have been scientifically proven to reduce chances of developing Alzheimer’s Disease at old age. This is because they exert the hippocampus and the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, responsible for memory functions. You can think of board games like the mental equivalent of push-ups that build strong arms and abs. It doesn’t just end there. Board games can also save you from having a heart attack. The sheer activity of playing board games, win or lose, releases endorphins that help relax the muscles and enhance blood circulation, not to mention the ‘feel-good’ feeling that comes with the thrill of competition.

Choosing the Right Board Card Games for You

So, in a world that boasts of hundreds of board games, how do you choose the one for you? If you’re playing with children, Checkers would be a good choice. It is more straightforward with less playing technicalities. If you’re playing with teens or young adults, Chess and Monopoly would be a better choice as they are more intellectually demanding and competitive. If you have a lot of time to burn, Scrabble and Monopoly would be a good choice. Who knows, you might eventually get so good you could get a chance to represent your country at the World Boardgames Championship for your favourite game. Buy your favourite card games online now at affordable prices on Jumia Kenya.