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Buy Blu-ray & DVD Players Online at Jumia Kenya

As there is an upgrade from the 1999 VHS device to DVD, so also is an upgrade from the DVD to the Blu ray disc player /the HD DVD. Blu-ray or Blu ray Disc is a digital optical disc data storage disc that allows High Definition video storage for hours, that is, it allows large file storage. It is a successor to DVD players, which invaded the market in 2006. Blu ray Disc player allows screen mirroring which allows audio or video sharing content from a compatible smartphone and tablet, that in turn send the audio or video to a compatible TV or Audio-system. It also allows for CD to USB Ripping – like copying songs from a CD to a USB flash. An additional feature of the Blu-ray disc player is that it has an inbuilt WiFi. Moreover Blu-ray disc player can play DVD, CD and some other additional disc format.

DVD players are used for playing Digital Video Discs (DVD). There are so many brands and types all around the world now, and it is necessary to know how to buy one. If you are looking to enjoy clear-cut images with awesome quality and sound, then you definitely need to add a Blu-ray player to your home theatre system. When you need to buy a DVD player that comes at an amazing price, Jumia is the place for you. Blu-ray & DVD Players are amazing technologies to have in your home or while travelling. DVD Players play DVD’s as well as CDs. Blu-ray disc players have larger disc storage compared to the normal Dvds. Portable DVD players are good when on the road. Whatever you are looking for, Jumia Kenya has a large collection of Blu-ray and DVD players at affordable prices. Save More and get access to exclusive offers.