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Generic Brushless 1550L/H Pump For 12V-24V Dc Solar Diving Pool

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Product details

Materials: engineering plastics
Operating voltage: 12V-24V DC
Power: 16W
Maximum flow rate: 1550L/H(24V), 980L/H(12V)
Maximum water height: 3M
Type: BLP1500A


-The pump is widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor small fountain,

water landscape and garden irrigation and other occasions need to pump water.

-Using the latest DC brushless motor technology, excellent start-up capacity to ensure efficient, smooth, quiet operation.
-Unique stator and rotor separation structure, completely solve the motor waterproof problem.
-Precision ceramic shaft structure, longer service life.
-Large shell grille design, the water is more smooth.
-Reliable waterproof connector, especially for outdoor use.
-Unique fountain shower head can provide two different fountain effect, very easy to build a small fountain.

Cleaning Steps
-If the pump starts or stops working for a while, please clean the pump after the following steps.
-Disconnect the pump.
-Open the filter, press the filter's four fasteners both inside the housing, and then open the filter.
-Press the bottom plate of the pump while sliding it.
-The front cover of the pump turns counterclockwise and then carefully removes the cover in addition to the pump.
-Remove the pump impeller.
-Clean each part.
-Assembly pump in reverse sequence.
-Connect the pump.


-This pump can only take the nozzle, can not access the water pipe, the sale of only the pump,

without solar panels, need to buy another solar panel or DC power supply.

-When cleaning the spindle, impeller, do not fall on the ground, it is easy to break.

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Key Features

  • Hmax:3M
  • Qmax:1600L/H
  • Power:16W
  • Large shell grille design
  • Reliable waterproof connector
  • Unique fountain shower head
  • Precision ceramic shaft structure
  • Especially for outdoor use

What’s in the box

1 X Solar Brushless Water Pump 1 X Manual


  • Main Material: N/A
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 9 x 10 x 13
  • Weight (kg): 0.94

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This product has no ratings yet.

This product has no ratings yet.

Generic Brushless 1550L/H Pump For 12V-24V Dc Solar Diving Pool

Generic Brushless 1550L/H Pump For 12V-24V Dc Solar Diving Pool

KSh 6,157
KSh 8,272-26%

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