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Mould The Thermoplastic Mouth Trays
Bring approximately four inches of water to the boil, and remove form heat for 6-7 minutes.
Submerge one of the mouth trays into the hot water for 10-12 seconds, or just until the tray appears to soften-besure not to overheat the trays.
Place the mouth tray into your mouthm, covering your upper teeth.
Close your mouth and suck out all air and excess water,creating suction between the mouth tray and your teeth.
With your fingers,gently form the tray around your teeth by pressing your upper lip against your teeth.
Wait 10-15 seconds and then remove the mouth tray from your mouth.
Submerge the mouth tray completely in a cup of cold water for 10 secondes , to help it retain the shape of your teeth.
Repeat process for lower mouth tray.

Trim The Mouth Trays To The Correct Height
After moulding both mouth trays ,use scissors to trim any excess plastic from the open end of the trays ( the end which hits your gum line ).
Cutting down the mouth trays at the gum line helps avoid possible irritation caused by friction or rubbing of the mouth trays against this sensitive area.

Fill Mouth Trays and Whiten Teeth
Place a small drop of on each tooth impression on the upper and lower mouth trays-do mot over load trays, less is best.
Place the upper and lower mouth trays into your mouth ,and adjust so that your teeth are properly overed and fitted by their corresponding teeth impressions.
Put gentle pressure on the upper mouth tray by pushing on your upper li with your fingers, to ensure a tight fit.
Repeat for the lower mouth tray.
Turn on the LED light provided by pressing the white button, then hold the light as close to your teeth as possible for the duration of the whitening treatment. The LED accelerator is designed to help you achieve better results in a shorter time.
Wear the mouth trays for approximately 10-45 minutes in total.We recommend starting off with individual 20 minutes treatments, and gradually increasing the length of each whitening treatment as your teeth become accustomed to the process.
After use,remove mouth trays and rinse in lukewatm water .Store in the case provided.
After each treatment,we recommend gently wiping away any excess from the teeth or gums with a toothbrush, to protect against irritation .Remember to completely rinse away excess from the toothbruse after use.
Remineralization can reduces sensitivity of your teeth and gums.
Mouth Spray can make you fresh breach.

Ingredient : Deionized, Water,Peroxide,Glycerin,Potassium,Sorbate,EDTA,Polysorbate 20 ,Triethanolamine,Carbomer,Flavor
Range of Application : Teeth stains from coffee, tobacco, genetic, tetracycline, food coloring, aging and other kind things that yellow the teeth
Storage : Avoid sunlight and keep in cool area
Shelf Life : 24 months





Key Features

  • Home use Tooth Whitening Device

What’s in the box

1 X Tooth Whitening System


  • Main Material: Plastic
  • Model: HC-L012
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 5 x 6 x 13
  • Weight (kg): 0.1

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Generic teeth whitening

Generic teeth whitening

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