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Like every other alcoholic drink, Gin is an alcoholic spirit drink gotten from Juniper berries which is a female seed of variety of Juniper seeds. Gin is widely known for its herbal reason but recently it has more uses and benefits than that. Gin is distilled from juniper berries and doesn’t need to be aged or fermented like other alcoholic drinks. Gin has so many uses and benefits, some which might amaze you but then, these benefits can only bring about positive impact to the body if taken in moderation. Gin helps fight illness. Juniper berries are very healthy medicinal fruits that help prevent or fight against cough or lung infection. Also, gin helps flush the body system. If you are having issues with bloating or UTI (urinary tract infection), gin can help flush out toxin and bacterias associated with the infection. If you want to keep your skin from wrinkling, gin can help you achieve that. It is important to note that moderation is key if all these benefits are to come into play in the body. Gin is also considered the best drink for diabetic patients to take. Also, there are different kind of gin for different type of people, some might find one kind better than other. Discover different kind of gin on Jumia such as london dry gin, plymouth gin, new wave gin, genever gin, navy strength gin and more.

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