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Fruit juice is a kind of liquid that is made from or is present in types of fruit or vegetables. Generally, most processed juices are gotten from the extract of liquid of fruits, and then processed and packaged into what we know them as today. There are different types of juice. Actually, there are too many types of juice. This is because basically any kind of fruit that has liquid in it can have that liquid extracted from it, and with a little processing, or in the case of homemade juice, a little syrup, be made into juice. Some of the most popular types of juices include pineapple juice, apple juice, and mango juice and even these days, fruits are being combined to produce unique flavors. For example, five alive combined 5 different fruits from the citrus family to make one of the trademarks of their brand, the citrus blast. The same was done with fruits of the berry family and this gave another unique flavored juice, the berry blast. The most popular kind of juice is the orange juice. It has a delicious taste and everyone knows oranges come packed with a lot of vitamins, especially the much-needed vitamin C, which gives protection against immune system deficiencies and cardiovascular diseases. Orange juice is made with oranges, antioxidants, and sweeteners. Extra vitamins and supplemental nutrients are also added. This also goes for most of the other kinds of juice that are made, except that the fruits are different, and because of this, some of the processes may slightly differ, like the extraction process but at the end of the day, it is almost the same pattern: collect fruits, extract liquid, include additives and other supplements and package properly. Sometimes, it might be said that if you can't some fruit, some fruit juice might be the next best thing. This because the benefits that come with drinking juice is just as good. Some of them include:
• Drinking juice helps the skin look better, clearer, smoother and keeps it hydrated.
• It gives instant energy because it contains glucose and generally, sugar.
• It helps to regulate blood pressure and also, bowel movement by cleansing the stomach, which helps to make the digestive system function better.
• It reduces the chances of heat stroke by helping to maintain cholesterol levels.
• It helps in weight loss and maintenance.

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