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K Link International K-Ion Nano Advanced Healthcare Spectacles - Red

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  • K-Ion Nano Spec has life time shelf life
  • No metallic parts and non-toxic manufacturing materials
  • Do not use if the seal is broken

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Seller Score: 74%

Product details

The Eye Wear for Eye Care

Everyday, we heavily rely on computers, laptops, televisions, smart phones, tablets and so on, in office and at home for work and leisure. In fact, the rays emitted from these electrical devices may be harmful to our eyes, lead to poorer eyesight and cause various eye conditions. The eye conditions that people commonly suffer from include astigmatism, cataract, glaucoma, myopia, presbyopia, floaters, dry eye syndrome and more.

We know the importance of caring for our eyes, but it is hard to tolerate the quality of life just to protect our eyes, so here comes the easy and effective solution : K-Ion Spec

How it works

K-Ion Spec’s patented material and nano technology release Far Infrared Rays and Anions that can promote blood circulation and metabolism around the eyes, which help prevent and improve common eye problems. It also helps soothe the eyes and relieve tiredness by increasing oxygen supply to the eye area.

Recommendation: For best result, wear K-Ion Spec for 8-10 hours per day.


Most people will experience some eye trouble at one time or another. Eyes can be tired, dry, bloodshot, infected or itchy to name a few conditions. Call or see an eye care professional for any of these problems that last more than a day or two.

Medical science has proven that 90% of the eyes diseases are the result of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). When oxygen and water supply to the eye ball is low, which slow down metabolism and detoxification process around the eye ball, a host of eye-related diseases such as astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, presbyopia, floaters, dry eye, etc began to develop.

All of the above abnormal conditions can be effectively dealt with when you begin wearing IonSpec “wellness @ work” Anion Energy spectacle within 4 to 6 weeks. IonSpec nano technology are providing cooling and more oxygen environment (so call negative ion) to our eyes area. This is good enough to provide extra oxygen supply to the eyeballs and to relief tiredness for the eyes. The elements of FIR and Anion is to promote blood circulation, metabolism, improve and avoid eye diseases.


Key Features

Features of K-Ion Nano Advanced Spec 

  • Very effective for dry eyes and watery eyes which can feel effective within few hours
  • Generates as high as 1500 negative ion minerals with built in Anion and provides a cooling environment and extra oxygen to relieve tiredness in your eyes. 
  • The built-in Far Infra-Red (FIR) and Anion help to improve blood circulation and metabolism
  •   Helps other eyes problems with provides freshness and energy to your eyes
  • The spectacle can be paired with or without prescription glass
  • There are many designs to choose from
  • The stylish and trendy design means you can actually wear it as a fashion glass-less spectacle frame or as your normal prescription glasses.

How Negative Ions can benefit your eyes and surrounding

  • ·         Negative ions are absorbed by breathing and skin. 
  • ·         Negative Ion Spectacle frame serves as a negative ions source for the head area around the eyes.
  • ·    Negative ions (& FIR) improves blood circulation, thus can help reduces eye fatigue, dark eye circles, reduces a headache or a migraine, and improve concentration
  • ·         Negative ions restore blood weak alkalinity balance, 
  •        Improve cell function and promote recovery from eye fatigue and 
  •     May help improve condition from dry eyes, myopic (short-sighted), presbyopia (long-sighted), astigmatism, glaucoma, and even shoulder or neck pain due to poor blood circulation
  • ·         For best result, wear the frame for at least 6-8 hours a day. 
  • ·         Result vary according to an individual.

Who can benefit from IonSpec:

In fact, practically anyone can benefit, especially for those even with good eye sights but spend a lot of time looking at screen, books or activities that need lots of eye concentration. 

This can be:

  • ·         Students
  • ·         Office workers
  • ·         People with slight Myopia and Presbyopia, glaucoma, astigmatism, dry eyes
  • ·         People who suffer from a migraine or a headache due to poor blood circulation
  • ·         Drivers who spend much of their time on the road
  • ·         And any other activities that may causes stress to the eyes can benefits from Ion - Spec.

What’s in the box

1 K-Ion Nano Spec, 1 Case, 1 cloth pocket


  • Care Label: The product use and maintenance instructions are well indicated on the cover<p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Main Material: Thermoplastic infused with eye-benefiting anion energy using the latest nanotechnology.
  • Size (L x W x H cm): -
  • Weight (kg): 0.25

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This product has no ratings yet.

This product has no ratings yet.

K Link International K-Ion Nano Advanced Healthcare Spectacles - Red

K Link International K-Ion Nano Advanced Healthcare Spectacles - Red

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