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Lip Makeup Essentials on Jumia

Makeup on the lips can give the face a beautiful look and give your makeup a perfect, flawless finish. Your lips and the products you apply on them can give a look that goes from bland to glamorous, or simple to dramatic. People tend to think that the only makeup product that goes on the lips is the lipstick. While this is probably the most popular lip makeup, it is far from being the only one.

Lipsticks have been used since ancient times and have evolved over time into different types, with better texture and a finer finish. Some of the most patronized lipstick kinds are the matte, mineral, moisturizing and cream lipsticks. Popular brands include Zlime, LA Colors, Revlon, Maybelline, and Magical halo.

Lip primer
Primers are normally applied before the lipstick, to avoid the lipstick shifting, cracking or fading away. It basically gives the lipstick staying power. Popular brands are E.L.F, Mary Kay and Nyx.

Lip Gloss
A lip gloss can either be applied solely or on lipstick to make it glossier. It is usually used by people who want a little more shine or do not like the feel of dry lips. They come in so many colors and some of them can be flavored too. Popular brands are Estee Lauder, Nyx, Nars, Millebaci and bareMinerals.

Lip Balm
This is used to help heal cracked lips and can be used even by men. It keeps the lips moisturized without leaving any shine.

Lip brushes & liner
Lip brushes are used to apply lip products to the lips perfectly. A lip liner is used to define the shape of the lips before the lipstick is applied. It is a general rule that your lip liner should match or be a shade close to the lipstick you want to apply.

Knowing the right shade of lipstick also matters as well and you can easily know this by using your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, go for colors like brown, warm red, brownish red, peach, and orange. For dark skin tone people, pink, wine, cherry, and burgundy would go better.

Where to Order Lip Makeup Online in Kenya

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